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More Project Tracking in Scrivener with Meta-Data

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I’ve written about the Inspector a number of times over the last few months. Just to re-cap, the Inspector is the bar on the right side of the editor. Once turned on, the Inspector allows you to work with various forms of meta-date in your project. What’s meta-data? It’s a way of making comments about your work for tracking purposes. Examples are the synopsis, document notes, document references, keywords, snapshots and comments & footnotes. But there are a few more aspects of meta-data to explore.

How to turn on the Inspector bar

The General Meta-Data and Define Meta-Data Fields panes in the Inspector

First, on the Inspector, the General Meta-Data is almost always available (except in Snapshots and Comments). You can label a document with color or indicate the status of your document based on a number of criteria. Below you indicate when the document was created or modified. Use the check boxes to include the document in compile, set a page break before the document or compile it as-is. All this is pretty straightforward – use these settings to mark your progress. These can be viewable in different ways from the Outliner, Corkboard and Binder.

Next, there’s customizing Meta-Data which allows you to add categories to label and status lists. Clicking over to the Custom Meta-Data button on the Inspector menu reveals a button named Define Meta-Data Fields. From this window the Status and Label lists can be managed in addition to your custom meta-data. Again these are valuable for how you track progress in your projects.

I’ve found general meta-data useful for updating the progress of any document including a chapter, short story, blog post, blog tour and anything else on which I’m working. It’s a useful and easy way to track your work and customizing is even more useful. It’s one more way the Inspector is as powerful as the Binder.

Customize Meta-Data

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