Back from Hiatus with an Announcement

I took a bit of an extended break from the blog around Thanksgiving. I don’t have a lot to share today but I’ll have a good post regarding the place upon which the Funnel in An Arrow Against the Wind is based. I got to go on a day trip to visit a favorite location and hope to share some pictures on Thursday or Friday.

Also, one quick announcement: The Bow of Destiny, An Arrow Against the Wind and The White Arrow are now only available on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited until further notice. However, the digital boxed set of The Bow of Hart Saga is still available everywhere else. See the page links for more links and descriptions.

Thanksgiving was a good time away from everything. I’m also working on some projects for writing.

I haven’t said much about my situation for a long time because I just didn’t want to create some appearance of desperation for sales but I’ve been out of work since last February. Things have been fine but the extended absence from a job is unexpected since I have lots of experience in my field. However, I’m now working on freelance IT jobs as often as I can so my time is a bit truncated lately. I do hope to be able to release the series to print and have an announcement about audio book status in the near future. I’ll continue to share about my newer projects in the Fun Friday series.

That’s all I have today, but look for a rather interesting post in a few days.


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