The Great Snallygaster Hunt

Brilliant post from Mae Clair today on Story Empire. I had one Snallygaster last night that kept me up late editing for someone else. I’m late on everything today!

Story Empire

Scratching your head over the definition of a Snallygaster?

I have a fondness for beasties of a cryptozoological nature which is why I’m trotting out this dragon-like creature today. German settlers brought tales of the Snallygaster from the Old Country to Maryland when they first settled the area in the 1700s. Although reports continued into the 1930s, 1909 was the year of “The Great Snallygaster Hunt.” There were so many sightings in 1909, that the Smithsonian Institution offered a reward for monster’s capture, and Theodore Roosevelt almost cancelled an African safari in order to hunt it.

Dragon with raised wings in the mist

So why am I discussing a cryptid on a writing blog? I mean…aside from the fact that “Snallygaster” is an awesome name (say it a few times and you’ll see what I mean).

As authors, we each have our own Snallygasters, those sneaky hurdles and loopholes that creep into our writing routine. Lately, I’ve…

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