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Today’s showing tips from Harmony Kent via Story Empire…

Story Empire

Hello SErs! Already, we’re a week into 2018. I hope you’ve all gotten off to a great start. For today’s post, I’d like to take a look at showing rather than telling.

How you choose to write your narrative can make a huge difference to your finished book. It can make the difference between grabbing  a reader or sending the cat to sleep.

Just this week, I received a book for editing. Intended as a fictional work, it actually read like a thesis. Written in a dry, passive, and distant manner, it showed no obvious POV voice at all and read more like a list of events. All a great shame, as its premise shows great promise. So, what can turn this around? What’s the difference between showing and telling?

While our choice of POV can affect how close up and personal or not we get with the characters, we…

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