I’ve Been Hooked!

2018 is off to a roaring start with An Arrow Against the Wind being named 2017 Book of the Year by Fantasia Reviews. It was exciting and wonderful news which stunned me almost as much as last year’s award for The Bow of Destiny. I’m truly thankful to all the readers who love the series.

Here’s one more reason to be thankful: just last weekend I celebrated with friends at The Bow of Hart Saga passed 10,000 total copies sold. That’s right, the series has done that well and continues to do so. I’m extra appreciative for all the support from readers and friends.

But, as promised several days ago, here’s an extra good piece of news that I’ve been sitting on for about 2 weeks. Last summer, the agency which represents me was approached with a request for submissions by Hooked which is a flash fiction reading app for phones (available in phone app stores). The catch is that the stories are all written as seasons broken down into episodes (about 10 each season). Additionally, each story is written in the format of a text conversation which is both novel and challenging as a writer.

I submitted two short stories which I adapted to the format and one of them has been chosen to have episode 1 published on Hooked. As soon as I know more about the final details, I’ll share them. However, this is wonderful news! 2018 is rolling along.

Additionally, I continue working on my two books under submission through my agent. I’m planning two shorter books that begin a series each – The Broken Shield Chronicles and The Goddess Veil. I’m also planning to release The Bow of Destiny in print as soon as I can complete all the arrangements and then I’ll being plans for print on An Arrow Against the Wind and The White Arrow. I’m still working on audio books for the series too. I have several shorter projects in the works that I hope to finish soon and probably submit to some short fiction markets.

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There’s quite a lot going on with writing for me both with submissions and works in progress. As soon as I know more about each project, including my story for Hooked, I’ll be sure to share it here.

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