I Love This Suggestion!

I just got this suggestion on a Facebook post that appears on my author page. I’m all about this idea anytime someone wants to suggest it to me. I really see The Bow of Hart Saga as something that would do well as a series on cable, Netflix or Hulu. I love this suggestion. What do you think?

One format I am working on is graphic novel. That’s been dangling for several years but a proposal to a publisher may just see the light sometime this year. Vote in the poll about both of these:


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  1. I had the same suggestion made about my Point Pleasant series. I actually considered looking up how to go about pitching a series, but I’m sure that involves finding an agent, an that involves time which I don’t have. Yo’re a step ahead of the game in that you have someone who could do it for you. Oh–and I do think a graphic novel would be great too!

    1. Thanks. I’m working on the graphic novel slant. I notified my agent about screen rights as a fun aside. I agree with the notion of your series on screen somehow. It fits well and would have some mood to it.

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