Just Fiddling Around With Grahpics

I got to playing around with some graphics on Canva yesterday and came up with this little interesting one for The Bow of Destiny. If about the size of a bookmark but I designed it for Pinterest. However, I may order a new bookmark off this design. I’m working on more for the other books and I’m going to definitely get some bookmarks for them too. I was low on cash after publishing An Arrow Against the Wind and The White Arrow but they deserve some bookmarks! I’ll get to them soon enough.

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  1. Very nice! I created author bookmarks that I give out with other swag when I do book signings. I think readers tend to keep bookmarks. I know I do!

  2. Make sure to have contact and order information on the other side. Maybe pics of all three books. Might as well make use of all the real estate you have access to.

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