Writing News! The Bow of Hart Saga To Be Published In…

Hello to all the Archer’s Aim readers. Thanks for joining me today. I have a big announcement, one that I’ve been hinting at for some time.

The Bow of Hart Saga has been completed and out for a while. During recent months I have entertained options for audio publication. I’ve recently been offered an audio contract and I’m thrilled to announce I’ve signed with Podium Publishing this week.

The audio version will appear on Audible and will have Whispersync enabled on Amazon. This is very important to me as I know a lot of readers will have access to listen whenever they choose with this new edition of the series. This is the next level for The Bow of Hart Saga which began with a lowly release of The Bow of Destiny back in 2015. By the end of 2016, that first book had gained a growing following, was ranked in the t0p 20 of Epic Fantasy on Amazon and was named Book of the Year by Fantasia Reviews.

That lofty outcome was unexpected and garnered further attention that almost slipped past me. Let’s just say you should read email carefully, because this one went right past me in all the excitement as well as the scurry to publish the next book when I lost my job last year. I was caught flat-footed by both the success of the book and my job upheaval. Much later, I had a conversation with a fellow author about audio and realized I might have gotten a message indicating interest by Podium for my series. I’m thankful for that bit of serendipity as it led to the contract offer from Podium.

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But what had followed between that initial contact and the actual signing were some long months of writing which saw the second book of the series published last April. An Arrow Against the Wind was well-received and was named the 2017 Book of the Year by Fantasia Reviews.

After publication of An Arrow Against the Wind, I quickly turned to writing The White Arrow, the final edition of The Bow of Hart Saga. Somehow, I completed that book so quickly it was released in October of 2017, just six months after the second book of the series. The White Arrow has also done well since it was published.

When I first began self-publishing this series I never expected to see the books do as well as they have. The series is already close to selling almost 11,000 total copies which is far beyond any of my expectations. I’m even being asked for a sequel. I’m entertaining the notion but it will not be part of the current series since the audio contract is signed. Any sequel will require I write a separate book or series from this one which I find intriguing.

Everything that has happened is all due to the readers of the series. I owe everyone a big thanks for reading and following the series. Being able to branch out into other forms of media with The Bow of Hart Saga will be a big step but one that is necessary this year. While I do hope to move into print at some point, I believe this contract with Podium is very advantageous for me and the saga. Having the series under contract with a publisher adds some luster to it’s success and I savor the opportunity.

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There will be more news about the audio publication date and the adaptation of the series cover for the release in the coming months. I also hope to have news rather soon about the choice of narrator, maybe even an interview with “the chosen one” here on Archer’s Aim.

To celebrate signing with Podium, I’ve put The Bow of Destiny on Kindle Countdown where it’s $0.99 through tomorrow and $1.99 through March 21. All three books remain available through Kindle Unlimited.

I want to thank everyone again for all the support for The Bow of Hart Saga. Please share the news as you can and leave comments.


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