Friday Writing Question: If I couldn’t be a writer, I’d…

I’m already bi-vocational as it is – maybe a puppeteer? What’s your take?

Story Empire

Happy Friday, SEers! You’re with Mae today and I’m breaking out a writing question to get some conversation going. This one isn’t about technique or promotion, but rethinking the writing life. We all know it’s a tough gig, not for the faint of heart. We’re in this because we love what we do, regardless of the hurdles. Most of us have dreamed about writing professionally for a long time. For me, those dreams started in childhood.

Little girl in red cape plays superhero, standing on rooftop and looking down on city in distance beneath sunset sjy

Along the path there were other things that attracted me too. At one point I thought I wanted to be a marine biologist, another time it was a paramedic. If you know me, you’d know both of those professions would make horrible choices. I flirted with other interests, but writing was always my driving ambition. For a regular paycheck job, I’ve been in real estate and marketing my entire professional career, but every now…

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