Expanding on living documents

I don’t use this kind of document near enough and Pinterest is a great place to store visual writing aids. Read about C. S. Boyack’s process on Story Empire.

Story Empire

Hi gang, Craig here again. I’ve written about my living documents here before. You can check out this post from 2016. I’m still a big believer in living documents, but it’s become more of an expanded library now.

Turns out, these don’t have to be limited to documents. My story boards are living documents, in a way. They evolve slowly, and I harvest them when they’re ripe. You can read more about story boarding here.

My newest one is Pinterest. I know we’re supposed to use everything for promotion, but I find that tiresome. It’s also overlooking some genuine value in the format.

I started off making book specific boards. Those are helpful when it comes time to write a story. Maybe there is a setting, or car, or something you want to use in the tale. It’s nice to have a reference point or two.

Then it occurred…

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