The long and short of it

I did not skim this post. Interesting points by C.S. Boyack on Story Empire. I think chapters need to stick to the point of the book. Noveloids are coming. I have a few myself.

Story Empire

Hi gang, Craig with you again today. I’ve been pondering word counts lately. There are multiple reasons, both personally and from a marketing standpoint.

On a personal basis, I tend to write short. This stems from my professional background where concise is important. I have more room in fiction, and I’m slowly getting there. Part of me worries that my ideas just aren’t big enough to fill a massive Sci-fi or fantasy tale of 120K words. I’ve written them before, so I know I can.

I’ve also written one sheet micro-fiction and really enjoy that. Some of my best selling books were collections of shorts and micros. You can understand how this result might influence my marketing.

Now I’m writing a trilogy and these thoughts have popped up again, swinging the pendulum back the other direction.

Years ago, I did a bit of research into word counts and the results…

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