To series or not to series? That is the question.

Which one do you prefer, stand-alone or a series? Read Staci Troilo’s thoughts on Story Empire.

Story Empire

Ciao, amici! It’s time for another Friday Writing Question. Today’s is a simple one:

Series or Standalone?

I’ve written both single titles and sprawling sagas, and I can see a benefit to each.

Sometimes there’s only one character to follow, one mystery to solve, one story to tell. Writing a standalone lets you say what you want to say then move on to your next passion.

Sometimes there’s an over-arching problem to solve in addition to a smaller one, and that will take time to address. Sometimes we invested so much in world building and character development, we can’t imagine leaving these settings and people behind so quickly.

As an author, I can do either, although I do tend to get attached to my characters and worlds, so I write more series than standalones. As a reader, I tend to prefer series. If I like the people and…

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