Resolutions for Writers

I need to consider several of these resolutions this year. Read Mae Clair’s resolutions for 2020 on Story Empire.

Story Empire

Hello, SEers! You’re with Mae today, and I’ve got a New Year’s question for you—did you make any resolutions? I rarely do. Well, at least not any I take too seriously, but this year I got to thinking about resolutions specifically for writers. Let’s take a look at a few.

young African American woman sitting cross-legged on couch, typing on an open laptopWRITING
Well, duh! This is a no-brainer, right?

Maybe I should rephrase it to say “production.”  How prolific are you when it comes to writing? Do you set word count goals? What about deadlines? Do you write better with or without them? Maybe your resolution is to publish x-number of titles this year. That could be a mix of novels, novellas, short reads, poetry, etc. Or maybe you’re determined to release your first book in 2020—awesome!

I’ve found that despite the stress of deadlines, the nasty things work for me. I’m more productive when I have to deliver a finished…

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