Grinders by C.S. Boyack Now Available on Amazon!

Really looking forward to this read as soon as I can get to it. Find out about characters in Grinders by C. S. Boyack over on Legends of Windermere.

Legends of Windemere


(Today we have a special guest who many of us know.  C.S. Boyack is here to talk about his newest release Grinders, which is a cyberpunk adventure.  Not a common genre for my blog, so this is really exciting.  Today, he’s going to talk about subplots and how none of the characters are doing what they want to do. Have fun.)

Thanks for inviting me back, Charles. It’s always fun visiting your place. I’m here to talk about my newest book, Grinders.

This one is a type of science fiction known as cyberpunk. I’ll let the blurb explain the main points. My topic today is one of the sub-plots. There is a lot going on in Grinders, and in some ways it makes a statement about the human condition. I didn’t really set out to do that, it just kind of happened.

In Grinders, none…

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