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Here are the latest updates from P. H. Solomon and news about upcoming releases.

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I posted consistently here. I’ve shifted priorities due to other demands on my time and health issues. Over the last several months, my “long-haul” issues have persisted, meaning I’ve dealt with a fair share of days with my head-spinning, headaches, and lack of consistent mental focus. Additionally, there have been a lot of doctor appointments (including cardiopulmonary rehab), a crazy amount of maintenance around the house to track via numerous services, and a car accident from last spring when a pick-up truck bed liner almost came through my windshield.

It’s been a weird year, and my writing has suffered the most. My mental energy comes and goes, so I always feel like I’m resetting a reset, trying to find where I was and what I should be doing. However, I’m persisting the best I can with my current book project, The Unseen Hand. But, I’ve had to push my publication schedule back for the several drafts I have, much as I hate to do it. I’ve had to adopt a slow, but steady approach to everything, making one dogged step at a time. This is probably good for me since I tend to get a little unrealistic with my time. What can I say, I fall into being overly ambitious. But then, I have a lot I want to do with writing and that’s a good thing. It all just needs to be managed at a slower pace.

Writing News:

The Unseen Hand

There’s no getting around it that I’m late and struggling with some of my health issues. At this point, the book cannot be ready any sooner than early December. The last two months have been a struggle with days of headaches. I keep trying to work around these, but nothing seems to work. This has been a crazy year of distractions with a lot of fixes required around the house and a car accident back in May where something almost came through my windshield on the interstate. I’m fortunate that I walked away from the accident with hardly a scratch, all of the maintenance has been taken care of, and my health needs are met. That being said, I’ve taken steps to start alleviating some of my various writing-related duties so I can focus more energy on my writing.

Nevertheless, these issues have been a long string of distractions when I’m struggling with “brain fog” among other physical issues. Revisions to the book slowed me down more than expected. However, the additions are very useful to the feel of the book. However, I’m committed to finishing this book this year. If you have volunteered to receive an ARC (Advanced Review Copy), expect those to go out in late November at best. If you’re interested in and ARC contact me in the comments.

In Other News:

Bonus Accomplishment: I did manage to make a submission to the JordanCon anthology for next year. It was an existing short story, so the work was easy. I’ll update the outcome when I know, but this was more of a whim, so it’s not something I’m hanging my hat on though acceptance would be nice.

My publication priorities remain in order:


That’s it for updates. My apologies for not keeping up more, but things are what they are and I’ll keep working around the issues the best I can. Fingers crossed for The Unseen Hand, the special edition bundle for the holidays, and the anthology. Until next time, you all have my best wishes.



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