Writing Updates for 10/25/2022

Here are the latest updates from P. H. Solomon and news about upcoming releases.

Hey everyone! PH back this week with updates to my writing projects with some announcements. I’ve been making steady progress since the last post which is good news. I’m pushing several projects at this point so I can get them out this year. I have developed a tentative long-term publication schedule, but I won’t get into the details because it’s still a fluid with some decisions to make directions possibly involving one or more Kickstarters next year.

Writing News:

The Unseen Hand

I’ve made some solid advances with the final revision so I’m working through the manuscript now and hope it will be done within a couple of weeks so I can start notifying ARC readers it’s available. If you’re interested, please leave a comment to let me know and I’ll get you on the list.

Just a few quick notes:

  • The Unseen hand is still on target for early December
  • The covers for both The Unseen Hand and The Order of the Dark Rose will be updated as far as color scheme and I hope to have both very soon from my artist. I’ll share these ASAP once they arrive.
  • Audio versions for each book including The Changeling Incident is still my intention with this series so there will be a soft re-release of The Order of the Dark Rose and The Changeling Incident along with The Unseen Hand.
  • The Changeling Incident will have a few minor updates.

In Other News:

No word from JordanCon about my submission, but then it’s not expected for a while.

My publication priorities remain in order:

    • Books two and three of The Cursed Mage Case Files with a re-release of The Order of the Dark Rose all including print distribution using an extended pre-release and release schedule to be communicated. As noted, The Unseen Hand is being planned for a December release in e-book, print (Amazon only), and audio (I now have the means to produce this format and intend to do so for this series, more to come about this). Book three, entitled The Nine Jewel Heist, is most likely pushed back to first quarter of 2023 at the earliest.
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    • The Bow of Hart Saga books in wide print with a pre-release event – The event was intended to be a Kickstarter, but will likely slide due to time and energy constraints until next year. No change with this expectation.
    • The Bow of Hart Saga bundle will be available on holiday special with some additional content, and possibly in a special print edition. This holiday bundle is still on target and will be a 30% discount on the ebook version compared to the ebook price for the total cost of the individual books together. Also, it appears that Podium Audio will release a bundle audio book edition which may be discounted. I’ll follow up with more details as they become available. Additionally, the bundle will have its own cover which is due from the artist soon. This will also be shared ASAP when it arrives. Special print editions for both paperback and hard cover on Kindle remain in the plans too. I’ll announce these developments when the time comes. Bonus content for readers will be included in this special edition (e-book and print only since the audio cannot be changed).
  • Find The Bow of Hart Saga on Amazon

    Find The Bow of Hart Saga on Amazon

    • All Things Forgotten, book one of Treasure Stolen – Returned with print as part of a pre-release and release schedule to be communicated. On hold, I will schedule this during 2023 at this point due to limited time this year, however, I plan to do more to develop more of the series by the time it arrives so there will be 2-3 books ready in short succession). I will begin work on a cover soon, just so I will keep working on this project.
    • A Charm in the Hand, Book 1 of The Black Glove Assassin with print as part of a pre-release and a regular release schedule to be communicated later. On hold, I will schedule this during 2023 at this point due to limited time this year, however, I plan to do more to develop more of the series by the time it arrives so there will be 2-3 books ready in short succession).
    • Doors into Fantasy anthology #2 – this is one of my own anthologies to be completed by an editor for publication when ready. Update: This is a short project, so I still intend to release it this year, it just needs a cover and the content polished. It seems pretty simple, but that thing with distractions and brain fog are hanging around. This is expected during November with a change to the series title which will be announced soon.
    • Also of note, there will be new covers for Trading Knives and What Is Needed in the near future. I’ll share when I have them, possibly next month. I’m still working on the cover for Trading Knives and What Is Needed is still in the works. The cover will be for a bundle of these two prequels. I have that and will announce the availability of the edition as soon as possible. Audio could be a possibility.
    • I have about three short stories I’d like to draft, but where’s the time. It would be nice to write at least one of them and submit it to a few short story markets yet this year. This is not likely to happen this year unless I start doing more than I have which leaves this doubtful. This is looking doubtful unless I get some time as I clear a few hurdles.
    • One thought I have about releasing all of the series starters is to run a Kickstarter that covers 2023 releases so readers can have an opportunity to receive special edition copies and swag boxes. It’s a thought, but will take some energy and completing the books I have in the works. However, I’m thinking I’ll run a Kickstarter to launch my imprint with special print editions and one for a year-long schedule of new releases otherwise so I have time to complete what books I have and begin drafting more. Two to four releases in a year would be ambitious, but I’ve got that many books drafted already. I’m still interested in doing this, but it will depend on how much I complete the rest of the year. However, it’s a good goal and will affect my long-term release schedule.
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That’s it for updates. I looking at three projects coming out during the next two months and I seem to be on track with that. Once these are in flight or released, I should know more about my upcoming plans.



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