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Writing Updates for 11/1/2022 From #EpicFantasy Author P. H. Solomon

Here are the latest Epic Fantasy updates from P. H. Solomon and news about upcoming releases of The Unseen Hand and The Bow of Hart Saga Special Edition Bundle.

Hey everyone! PH back this week with updates to my writing projects with some announcements. I’m late posting today because my schedule went from one productive meeting to two, the second of which has left me stoked over some possibilities to come soon. But more about that topic later. Let’s dive into current developments where have me equally enthused.

Writing News:

The Unseen Hand

I’ve made some solid advances with the final revision so I’m working through the manuscript now and hope it will be done within a couple of weeks so I can start notifying ARC readers it’s available. If you’re interested, please leave a comment to let me know and I’ll get you on the list.

My Latest Writing News:

No word from JordanCon about my submission, but then it’s not expected for a while. This will probably go out after the first of the year.

November is a busy month; here’s what’s happening:

All the dates are fluid, but I want to stick to them as best I can. Releases will be announced here and on my email newsletter as well as social media accounts. Additionally look for new designs for merchandise items in the Archer’s Aim Press Store (there is already a 15% discount – use NOV15 at checkout). Items  from the store will make excellent gifts.


That’s it for updates. Once these projects are in flight or released, I should know more about my upcoming plans regarding 2023 and other new books.

Best Wishes until next time,



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