Read Newdawn Roamers by Dominique Luchart @NewDawnDiaries #SciFi #TimeTravel #Prequel

Read Newdawn Roamers by Dominique Luchart @NewDawnDiaries #SciFi #TimeTravel #Prequel

Title Of Book: Newdawn Roamers: Prequel to the Newdawn Saga
By: Dominique Luchart
Genre: Science Fiction
Sub-Genre: Metaphysical Sci-Fi, Colonization, Time Travel

An unusual set of powers. A trip to a bygone era. If she can’t alter people’s minds, tomorrow will never dawn.
Ang City, 2093. Tesh is half-numb with grief. Leaning on the Earth’s guardian planetary AI for comfort after her parents’ brutal murder, the powerful orphan bides her time, avoiding tech implants to remain herself under a system at the hands of her nemesis. And while the Dainn System fights against global warming and a planet in turmoil, the Academy offers shelter and a way out as she lays a vengeful trap to retake what is rightfully hers. But that day never comes. Instead, the sought-after prodigy who hates using her mind-bending skills under the corrupt agenda of the Institute Conclave must accept the high-risk mission to time-travel into the past to prevent an apocalypse. When the verdict of the Counsel condemns her dog to death under the Anomaly’s threat looming over the planet, she tricks the System and betrays a friend to get Mage in her pod at the risk of her life and the mission…

Cut off from everything she’s ever known, Tesh awakens deep underground and uncertain of her task’s viability. Overcoming the distrust of her team is a challenge when five Conclaves must prove with their lives that they can pave a new tomorrow. But once she discovers someone has tampered with her memories, her churning emotions point to a frightening conclusion: Her only escape may lie in the very gifts she reviles…

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Can she sort the lies from the truth before the planet’s last hope goes up in flames or will she lose her mind, heart and soul?

Origin, a program to save the future. One Action, ultimate mind control over billions. One Life to stop annihilation. A future no longer her own.

What People Are Saying:

5 Stars – “An addictively refreshing read. This is relatable and futuristic realism.”

5 Stars – “This thoughtful science fiction romance adventure that ties our world today to the world of tomorrow with climate change.”

5 Stars – “It’s always wonderful when you come across a real gem of a read.”

5 Stars – “The entire story makes the readers well connected with the concept of AI and modernized technology.”

5 Stars – “Very rich and engrossing, it is fast-paced, and the character development is very nicely done.”

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Meet Dominique Luchart:

Dominique loves creating new worlds and getting lost in them, worlds we can escape into and have fun and wonder about the endless possibilities… Where we are allowed to hope for a better way, a better tomorrow, a better us… Worlds where our choices evoke the best in us so that we become everything we can be if we allow it and where challenges abound, although we are safe to be anything we want to be.

Welcome to the world of Newdawn, a place where we are stronger by uniting together to craft the future in a movement that defines tomorrow, shining a positive power ahead to see our planet, our species, and all lives around us not just survive but thrive.

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Author Dominique Luchart was inspired by her desire to help people relate and envision our planet and our species in the challenges of the future and build the bridge between today and tomorrow.

As a writer, she draws on her legal background and as a futurist challenges barriers and conventions through science fiction. She lives between Los Angeles and Provence with her husband and two very adventurous cats.

Dr. Dominique Luchart, has a Juris Doctor Degree, and is an

author, director, producer in Hollywood and as the founder of Windom Media and WindHorse

Entertainment was involved in producing seven independent films which garnered worldwide distribution. The production experience of Dominique and her team includes work in Oscar, Emmy, and over 50 Addy Awards-winning projects. As a serial entrepreneur, she is an ultimate storyteller and sought-after universal futurist forecasting and prototyping our future as individuals and our world.

The Newdawn saga is more than a book, it’s a whole new universe!


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