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Title Of Book: Dragons of a Different Tail
Series: 17 Unusual Dragon Tales
By: Marx Pyle, J.C. Mastro, Anne C. Lynch, Victoria L. Scott & more
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Dragons & Mythical Creatures, SciFi, Anthology


Part of The Crossing Genres Anthology Collection

Eighteen award-winning, veteran, and emerging authors bring you seventeen unique dragon tales that defy tradition. Winged serpents as large as continents, as well as those tiny enough to perch on the fingertip of a young girl. Dragons who inhabit the Wild West, Victorian London, Brooklyn, and a post-apocalyptic Earth. Scaly beasts who fight in the boxing ring, celebrate Christmas and conquer the vast void of outer space. There are rockstars who meddle with dragon magic, clever and conniving shapeshifters, and powerfully exotic hybrids. Science fiction, urban fantasy, mystery, western, epic fantasy, YA fantasy…no matter the setting or the genre—here be dragons!

Join Asimov’s Readers Award winner Timons Esaias, science fiction author Heidi Ruby Miller, post-apocalyptic author J. Thorn, along with K.W. Taylor, Sean Gibson and more as they put their personal twist on the usual dragon tale.

What People Are Saying:

5 Stars – “An excellent book for readers who love dragons and people who love fantasy in general.”

5 Stars – “The sheer variety of tails-ahem, tales- in this book is astonishing.”

5 Stars – “…intrigue, humorous, and clever in their use of dragons, and I’ve learned much about them too..”

5 Stars – “Each story unwraps the reader into a world like ours, but is filled with mighty lizards that soar & live amongst us.”

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5 Stars – “Excellent Dragon Anthology!”

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