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Title Of Book: The Flame God’s Bargain
Series: The Flame God’s Saga Book 1
By: RJ Estrada
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Action/Adventure, Dark Fantasy, First Contact, Low Fantasy, Science-Fantasy, Space Opera, Sword & Sorcery


What if your people’s history was a lie?

Lazhnel is certain his species couldn’t have evolved on their ghastly planet, a wasteland where even the oceans ooze cancerous fumes. So he plunges ever deeper into the wilderness, searching for answers buried in ancient tombs and long-forgotten ruins. Until he dies in a landslide.

Or does he?

A mysterious fiery being revives Lazhnel and offers him a bargain: the chance to visit his ancestral homeland in exchange for a favor. One which will be revealed in due time.

But the world Lazhnel encounters is no paradise. Three intelligent species vie for supremacy over this planet, and the fragile peace between them hangs by a wisp-like thread—one his arrival threatens to snap for good. It is only with the help of Wiaa and Pixeni, two warriors skilled in the art of channeling their light energy, that he even survives his first day.

And something else lurks in this world, hidden in its lush wilds. Something that fills even the fiery being with dread…

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