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Title Of Book: The White Arrow
By: PH Solomon
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Dragons & Mythical Creatures, Action & Adventure, Myths & Legends


Bound to prophecy, his destiny balanced on an arrow’s tip.

With the Bow of Hart in hand, Athson is hunted by his enemies. His mistakes haunt him as much as his past.

Magdronu plots to thwart the prophecy as his trolls attack Auguron City.

Hastra the Withling reveals Eloch will send an arrow for the bow. But when the arrow arrives, it is from an unexpected source and lands in unforeseen hands. Events twist like an arrow in flight…

Can Athson overcome his past and use the Bow of Hart as intended?

The archer and the bow await the coming arrow…

If you like epic fantasy read The White Arrow because it’s a “fabulous conclusion…”

The climactic ending of this award-winning epic fantasy saga “twists and turns with stop-in-your-tracks kind of moments.” A dragon threatens Athson with an army of trolls. The mystic arrow for the Bow of Hart is endangered. Athson’s destiny spins on the arrow’s point.

Grab a piece of destiny now..

If you like epic fantasy, then you’ll love An Arrow Against the Wind because the adventure spins like an arrow in flight.

What People Are Saying:

5 Stars – “Fabulous conclusion to an epic fantasy tale. It made me laugh, cry, cheer, want to throttle characters, and beam with pride and hope.”

5 Stars – “Great writing, amazing plot, and characters who steal the show.”

5 Stars – “The storyline keeps you intrigued. The plot twists and turns make this book hard to put down. I highly recommend reading this series.”

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5 Stars – “The writing is superb, and the fast pace of adventure will have you eagerly flipping through pages.”

5 Stars – “IP.H. Solomon has written a series that will make you angry, sad, frustrated, and left standing on the bridge of hope for a continuation of the series.”

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Meet PH Solomon:

I’m P. H. Solomon a Best Selling Author and live in the greater Birmingham, AL area. I strongly dislike yard work and sanding the deck rail. However, I perform such duties to maintain a nice home for my loved ones as well as the family’s German Shepherds. In my spare time, I ride herd as a Computer Whisperer on large computers called servers (harmonica not required). I grew up with a love of books including fantasy. Always interested in odd details, history, and the world around me, I found an outlet in writing where I mix a wide range of interests from the regular world, history and anthropology into my fantasy books. My epic fantasy series, The Bow of Hart Saga, brings a fresh viewpoint to the genre where magic, myth and mysticism mingle. Described by readers as a “mixture of the classic fantasy past with new ideas.” Additionally, I enjoy reading, running, most sports, and fantasy football.


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