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Title Of Book: A Greedy Shadow
Series: Glint & Shade Book 2
By: Eric Shane Love
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Dark Fantasy, Coming of Age, Occult Horror


Milky light filtered through the skeletal limbs. The moist earth exhaled mist. The stone called. A boy answered. The boy always answered…but waiting there in the creek bed was a wet thing, vile and exposed. Open and hungry with lust.

Book two in the Glint & Shade series from Eric Shane Love. A reluctant hope, hungry darkness, and a haunting pact. Join Eliot as he learns to live outside the shadow of the Dark Wood.

Eliot survived his coming-of-age rite of passage, his kohlas . . . but dark things leave dark stains. Even as he is drawn to the safety he feels among new friends, he learns of another darkness: a shadow that is hungry with lust and greedy for him.

Nightmares plague him, a hideous band of cannibalistic barbarians are on the move, and Eliot doesn’t trust the hope he feels. But the worst part may be the secret scratching in the back of his mind: when will the woodsmen come for him?

For readers of the Dark Tower Series, dark fantasy, and gothic horror fiction, this is a satisfying fever dream of twisted characters set in the land of Glint & Shade.

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What People are Saying:

5 Stars –  “A worthy successor.”

5 Stars –  “So much depth. So many beautiful and terrifying themes.”

5 Stars –  “A Dark Wrenching Tale”

5 Stars –  “The Light Always Triumphs Over Dark.”

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5 Stars –  “Excellent continuation!”

Meet Eric Shane Love:

Since January 2016, I’ve been a freelance videographer, photographer and social media content creator. I live in a rural Georgia town about an hour and a half inland from Savannah. Before 2016, I worked nearly fifteen years at a small, non-profit youth home for troubled teenage boys. I was a mentor, educator and the creative director during that time. I’ve always had a love of writing. As early as sixth grade, I wrote stories about my classmates, passing them around the room to get feedback. A few random, interesting and trivial things to know about me: I’m in a band with my brother, Brian: Tiger Creek. I sing and play keys. I am a classically trained vocalist, though that has almost no bearing on the classic and 80s rock, and, less fortunately, the spattering of country songs we perform in the band. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Christmas is a close second. I have three dogs and a cat: Maddie, a 150-year-old basset hound, Bella, a mutt who gives me the best cuddles, and Hot Breath Eugene, an enormous pit/bull mastiff mix whose head looks like a basketball with eyes. Maddie is the Queen, Bella is the Princess, and Eugene alternates between being the Court Jester and the Village Idiot. The cat’s name is Chuck, and he is irreparably deranged. That’s why we love each other. He’s the Crazy Witch who lives in the forest outside the city walls, so to speak. All my pets are rescues. I also have about fifty plants in my house. I have a tendency to take much longer to tell a story than is necessarily required, and sometimes those stories don’t have endings. I get that from Debbie, my mom. Also, I hate technology. Sign up for my newsletter and have access to a behind-the-scenes look at my writing process, read exclusive content, and learn about the lore and geography of Eliot’s world at my website.

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