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My likely overly-ambitious publication schedule for the foreseeable future:

Status and Schedule as of 1/12/2022:

2022 Publication Schedule:
2/28 – The Unseen Hand, Volume 2 of The Cursed Mage Case Files – the release day is fluid so this is a goal. I plan to have the book available in e-book, print (including available to bookstore if my imprint is ready by release date), and related merchandise.
5/30 – The Nine Jewel Heist, Volume 3 of The Cursed Mage Case Files – again, this is a fluid goal at this point.
7/30 – A Charm in the Hand, Book 1 of The Black Glove Chronicles

Project Status:

Tentative Publication Schedule Beyond Titles Already Listed:

These are all trending much later but still tentative 2022 Publication Schedule:
Summer/Fall: either All Things Forgotten, The Lost Pirate Treasure Adventures, Book 1 or book 4 of The Cursed Mage Case Files.
Summer/Fall same if anything, possibly the second short story anthology if it slides from Summer of 2022.
October either book 2 of The Black Glove Curse or Book 1 of The Broken Shield Chronicles
December Fall whichever of the two above wasn’t released.
Definitely 2023 possibly book 4 and 5 of The Cursed Mage Case Files if anything.
Definitely 2023 more likely to be book 5 of The Cursed Mage Case Files if anything.
Most likely 2023 possibly book 3 of The Black Glove Curse and the first book of The Heir of Hart Saga which is next in The Denaria Cycle.

Check back for more news and schedule updates

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