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Short Fiction WIP

Much of my short fiction will be submitted to some anthologies in the coming months. If any of them are accepted, I’ll make note of which ones and when they are expected to be published with the anthology.

The Black Bag – In a contest with witches a little help is always welcome.
This short story originally appeared on the now defunct webzine MindFlights in 2010. It was reprinted in the OtherSheep Fall 2011 issue and subsequently won best short story at the SCW Conference in 2012. It’s now available as a short e-book – see the Store page for links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords!

The Exile’s gift – An odd visitor brings a gift that solves a problem – or does it?
I wrote this story in 2013 and it’s currently under submission to an anthology.

Howling Bear Cave – With your people in danger a special consultation is necessary
Also written in 2013, this story is still in rough draft.

All Things Forgotten – Choices are hard to make – this one is no different.
This story has been outlined and started but the rough draft remains unfinished since 2012. I think it’s germinating in my muse.

Arbo End – What’s in the trunk?
I wrote this a long time ago. A few editors expressed their interest but never took the plunge. I hope to re-edit and submit to more magazine markets in the future.

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Longfingers – A vulnerable mother stands between her infant and a creature of legend.
Another story I wrote long ago. I am currently outlining this as a novella.

In the Hand of a Hero – Writing’s hard, try with your other hand.
Written in 2009, I’ve been holding this one back with the idea I might develop this into a sword & sorcery series.

A Shadow’s Chance – Take care of traps unforeseen.
Another story written in 2009 that I may develop into a dark fantasy.

Now and Later, Forever – Love is never simple – or is it?
This is an idea from earlier this year (2014) that I am still developing as an outline.

Her Dry Bones – She wants to leave but he’s waiting for a change
Written this year, this story is still in rough draft.

For No Reason – Some people don’t deserve help but it’s his only way out of a curse.
This story is slated for submission to an anthology later in the year.

Shadow of the Beast – He’ll go after the monster but he won’t survive even if he succeeds.
Another rough draft from this year (I’ve been busy with these).

That’s all my current short fiction WIPs. I’ll update these as I prepare them for submission.

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