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Ryan Doughan was recently interviewed in Fantasy Authors Unplugged

Probably the biggest news of the last week involving the fantasy genre was that Christopher Lee passed away. If you haven’t read his bio it’s quite a list of accomplishments in a lifetime spanning 93 years.

The latest book by Terry Brooks, The Defenders of Shannara: The Darkling Child, came out on 6/9. I’ll read it soon and hand out my review but I do like the cover. Also, the Shannara TV series is set to premiere soon (listed as July on IMDB) and includes John Rhys-Davies in the cast. For those interested fans, Allanon is played by Manu Bennett.

As noted in last week’s review post, an unpublished story by J. R. R. Tolkien was bought by – and will presumably be published soon – by HarperCollins. It’s good to see that the scion of the fantasy genre is still having fiction published.


Finalist for the International Book Awards

Here’s a list of recent authors interviewed for Fantasy Authors Unplugged:

Looking for more new fantasy releases? Here are a few listed on Goodreads. See you over there!

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