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Stirring from Hibernation

Greetings to Archer’s Aim readers! I haven’t been working on the blog for a while much to my own frustration. A combination of factors have kept me tied up so the blog has not been active too much in recent months. If you’ve noticed more activity recently it’s because I’m putting a little more time into the site. My focus slipped on a number of activities last year with a thyroid issue that has been addressed over the last few months.

I had hoped to have one or two books released long before now but the issues I had over last summer and fall really affected completing projects. When my doctor told me the problem, I reacted with, “That explains a lot.” I probably should have noticed from some symptoms that are familiar but they were not pronounced enough to make me think it was anything other than just being worn out from work, writing and other responsibilities. But it was enough to noticeably hold up my writing schedule. Lesson learned.

With the little health problem, I was often physically and mentally tired so the blog suffered as well as my writing productivity. I’m happy to say that it’s all taken care of and I’m back in the saddle of late and doing much better with my energy for life in general. It’s much like waking up from hibernation and I hope things stay a little more even for a while.

Of late, I’ve re-doubled my writing efforts and made a lot of progress with several projects. I have one book, All Things Forgotten, back from my editor and plan to begin a serious overhaul of the manuscript sometime next week if all goes well. After that, it will be more editing and some feedback from readers, working toward publication during the summer.

Otherwise, my longer novels code-named “Mage” and “Glove” were recently pitched to a few publishers while on a working vacation cruise/conference. Both of these manuscripts have been requested to be reviewed by publishers present at the conference and my agent is also submitting them elsewhere. I should know more about the fate of these WIPs in terms of how they will be published within a few months.

I‘m also hiking forward with another book starting the Broken Shield Chronicles. This manuscript is soon to be finished and will go to my editor. My hope is to publish this book later in the year.

Otherwise, I’m also beginning plans for some sequels to The Bow of Hart Saga. I’m not yet certain the extent of the work but I’ll share more as the planning moves along. The current plan is to publish a novella series that bridges the events of the first series with those of the second series. This shorter series will use new characters with a few existing ones in a parallel story-line into which the next events involving Athson, Limbreth and others will flow. Some of the work for the novella series was started a few years back and were scratched to keep The Bow of Hart Saga as a more concise plot. But with the sequel, there are details that need revealing through this short series to help create context for the main sequel.

I keep pushing onward because I simply love reading and writing books. It’s hard to explain how much better I feel but it is noticeable in how much I accomplish so things are moving along much faster than just a few months ago. There is also the intention on my part to update this site when I can afford it so look for news about that change along with others as the year progresses. Follow me here, my newsletter, my Amazon Author page, my BookBub page or request access to my private Goodreads group for more specific news and opportunities for pre-release copies of new books and some possible freebies. Following on BookBub and Amazon are great ways to receive notifications about my latest books. If you’ve already read The Bow of Hart Saga, please share the books on your social media accounts.


Building An Author Platform Pt. 9: Check Online Details


I recently attended a conference workshop about building an author website. I came away with a few things to do that need to be addressed but which haven’t come up for me previously. I list them for your consideration also. I know I’ll act on these immediately but will as I can.

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Clip Art Image Copyright by Microsoft. Clip Art Used by Permission of Microsoft

Clip Art Image Copyright by Microsoft. Clip Art Used by Permission of Microsoft

Check your alternate domain usage

There are a variety of alternate domains that you may want to register even if you don’t use them since you don’t want someone using them parallel to your brand. Honestly, there can be so many different domain suffixes (.net, .org, etc.) that it may be cost prohibitive for you. However, it’s worth consideration just so you don’t end up with something close to your address that is offensive. Just keep your budget in mind when purchasing multiple domains.

To find all the different domains you can use any site that searches domains for registration like GoDaddy.com – the domain search is at the top of the home page. It will provide alternate variations to consider buying as well. You’ll at least know if something is taken and plan for your budget otherwise.

Check your social media name usage

There are a large number of social media channels on the internet these days. You may not use them all or even plan to but you may want to take the name for your brand regardless so it isn’t used otherwise. It can take some time so you may want to do this piecemeal.

When you do this use Namecheckr to find all of them – and there are a lot of social media channels. You can take as many of these as you want – or all – you don’t have to use them but it keeps someone from impersonating your brand, or even taking the name honestly.

Idea PiecesDon’t stop tweaking your platform – it’s a work in progress

Even if you don’t take all the name spaces for your domain or in the world of social media it’s worth to keep these in mind as you publish and become more widely known. As your reach grows so will your need to control your brand and then you may find you need to own all the domain variations and have accounts for all social media channels even if you won’t use them. The better known you become the more likely someone will take something you haven’t and use them in some whether malicious or not. It’s just one detail to keep in mind as your author platform grows

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Conference Notes Pt. 3: Warm-up Your Pitching Arm

I recently attended a local writing conference and came away with notes on several topics which interested me. The last two weeks, I posted about creating compelling characters and writing for trade publications to supplement your writing income. This week, I’m covering another observation from the conference I attended – going prepared to deliver your best pitch.

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Deliver your best pitch at a writer's conference. Photo courtesy Morguefile.com free section.

Deliver your best pitch at a writer’s conference. Photo courtesy Morguefile.com free section.

I had two friends go with me and they were attending a writing conference for the first time. They came with ideas in mind as well as work ready to pitch to agents that were attending. Since I’m mainly working on self-publishing, I arrived with nothing in mind which is a mistake. Here’s why…

One friend kept talking to a particular fiction agent and got a sit-down meeting with him even though the agent’s calendar was full. This friend, pitched his two fiction book series. The agent passed on the first project but wanted to see the second one. So far my friend was 1 for 2 – not bad on your first try with an agent at your first writing conference. But, since the agent also represented film and TV projects, my friend went for broke and pitched a TV show idea. The agent knew of someone possibly looking for related programming and told my friend to write the pilot. That’s 2 for 3 – amazing!

Next we ate lunch at another agent’s table. The conversation went around with all of us since this agent was quite affable. When asked about anything she was doing, my second friend pitched a non-fiction idea she’d had for a number of years based on some personal experiences. The agent bit and told her he wanted to see her idea within a month using his online template. Wow, this was incredible!

Go to a conference ready to deliver a pitch. Photo courtesy Morguefile.com free section.

Go to a conference ready to deliver a pitch. Photo courtesy Morguefile.com free section.

However, by now you see the lesson learned. I arrived with nothing to pitch. The old adage, “Nothing ventured nothing gained” is apropos in this instance. Take my advice, have a few ideas in mind – maybe even slightly developed – when you go to a conference. You never know what may happen. As writers we are creative and lots of ideas come to mind. Just because you can’t act on it immediately doesn’t mean someone might not be interested in the right circumstances. Also, just because an idea isn’t in your main genre doesn’t mean it can’t be developed – especially non-fiction. And just because you are self-publishing doesn’t mean it eliminates you from other publication opportunities.

So take my advice, attend that next conference with a finished project or non-fiction idea ready to pitch to the nearest agent or editor. You never know what may happen! Don’t get caught sitting on the sidelines. Congratulations to my daring friends – now go get ’em!

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