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The World of Denaria

Interested in the setting of The Bow of Hart Saga? This is the place to find out more about the world of Denaria where the series is set. In the coming weeks and months, I’ll being sharing more about the setting, the geography, nations, people, languages, creatures and much more. However, I do have a couple of short story e-books available for free download – just click the link to find out more about how to get them today!

Trading Knives relates how one of the antagonists in The Bow of Hart Saga got his start as a villain.

Trading a knife costs a life. The offer of help may cost more.

Corgren more than holds his own in the prize fighting rings where skill with a knife is the only mercy he’ll find. While an old enemy haunts his memory, new ones gather with each victory gained.

Corgren’s choices narrow.

A stranger offers Corgren power for his service, tempting him with revenge for past wrongs. He considers the offer with doubt. Demands for a cut of his winnings squeezes his independence until a foe possibly more skilled and cunning than him enters the ring.

Will he accept the offer at the cost of himself?

If you like fantasy with an edge, read Trading Knives where the action is as sharp as a knife.

What Is Needed reveals more about the mystic Order of Withlings and the relationship of their prophecy to the events of The Bow of Hart Saga.

Prophecy can be dangerous

Hastra is no different from most withlings. She’s a miracle-worker, a healer, and even a seer. She relies on her deity, Eloch, to provide insight into her every action.

When her visions enter her waking life with all too real effects, she begins her investigation into their prophetic meanings.

Is the order of withlings in danger? Why has Hastra not received instructions about her visions?

How much time does she have and who should she trust with her visions?

Destiny and danger hang in a balance between promise and disaster.

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The Bow of Hart Saga Series Primer

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