The 2019 Interview Series Featuring C.S. Boyack

Here’s an interview of C. S. Boyack courtesy of Don Massenzio

Author Don Massenzio

image1What is your most interesting writing quirk?

Honestly, it’s bulldogs. I own two, Frankie and Otto. Otto weighs in at 65-70 pounds, and Frankie seems to hold steady at 55. They relate to my writing, in that they’re usually in my lap as I write. Otto always, Frankie less so. I have what’s called a chair-and-a-half with an ottoman. He usually takes up that half and leans his head against my shoulder as I write. When she joins in, she’s usually on the ottoman with her head across my legs.

It would feel odd if they weren’t there at this point. I require quiet when I write, and they’re good for that… unless the squirrel runs by on the fence. Then we take a quick break, freshen up the coffee and get back to it.

What do you think are the elements of a good story?

There are so many…

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A Writer’s Fiefdom

Where writers do their work by Mae Clair on Story Empire.

Story Empire

Hello, SEers! You’re with Mae today with a post on fiefdoms. Probably not what you think, but it does come down to personal real estate.

Writers need a special place to create. It doesn’t matter where as long as we can put our stamp on it.

When I was a kid that place was my bedroom, where I spent hours scribbling in spiral bound notebooks. When I got my first typewriter at age fifteen (a manual), I took over my parents’ dining room table. Each day, we would move my papers and notes along with the typewriter to the floor when dinner rolled around. When the table was cleared, my parents gladly gave me my space back. To this day, I love how they encouraged me.

When my husband and I married, the dining room table pattern continued through each of the apartments we leased. When we bought our first…

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Giving an Author Presentation

For “Mae Day” on Story Empire, Mae Clair shared her recent experiences making a few public appearances for her books.

Story Empire

Hi, SEers! It’s “Mae Day” on Story Empire. I want to thank you for joining me for a post about author presentations. I’ve started doing a few in my area, and hope to do more in the future. The small number of invitations I’ve received thus far have come through networking.  Someone heard me speak to Group A, recommended me to Group B, who recommended me to Group C. I’ve now reached the point where I’d like to start seeking out organizations, rather than waiting for invitations. It’s a whole new level of work and promotion but it is rewarding.

Advertisement for tea and stories with author Mae Clair focus on creepy creature in the front and the word MothmanThis was my most recent event. The venue did the web ad on the left. Isn’t it fabulous?

I’m by no means an expert—still a newbie—and, because I’m an introvert, I get extremely nervous before an event. I can’t tell you how many friends and family members I asked to…

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