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Where do I find more about the books?

Published books currently include the titles in The Bow of Hart Saga and Volume 1 of The Cursed Mage Case Files, The Order of the Dark Rose. Click here to see the series page for The Bow of Hart Saga including print and audio formats. Click here for more about The Cursed Mage Case Files.

How can I be involved with Archer’s Aim and keep up with the writing latest developments?

There are several ways fans can be involved with my writing. You can join one of the following for updates:

  1. Marston’s Station – a private group on Goodreads (this link expires every 30 days so let me know in comments if it doesn’t work and I’ll update it).
  2. Archer’s Aim Digest – P. H. Solomon’s newsletter to which you can sign-up:

Additionally, if you are interested in receiving early review copies or sharing new releases, please contact me directly via email (ph at phsolomon dot com) or in the comments section.

What other works are planned?

I have several additional books and series in various stages of production. Check out what I’m working on now for a full list of my current projects as well as my planned projects in the coming year or more.

If you want to see my very fluid publication schedule, please click on my News page which I update periodically as my work progresses or I drift off my plans too far.

Where can I find a press kit?

A short press kit, as well as a longer one, is available on request. If you are interested in this information for a review or interview, please contact me so you can use the most up-to-date information available (ph at phsolomon dot com). For faster information, please see the press page on this site.

Are you interested in various adaptations of your writing?

I am very interested in adaptations for screen/streaming, graphic novelization, and video gaming. If you have a proposal or want to represent me, please contact me directly for further discussion.

The Bow of Hart Saga (and its prequels) are available in audio already. I plan to make future titles available in audio either through a traditional publisher or a self-publishing audio service.

How can print and other merchandise be for book stores and libraries?

Print is currently only available through Amazon in paperback and hardcover with the exception of The Bow of Destiny which is available through Ingram (distributor) or any store or library that orders through Ingram.

I am currently working on full print distribution of current books and those titles yet to be published through Ingram. A full sales catalog will be available once distribution work is completed.

Merchandise is currently online only through my Archer’s Aim Press Store, please contact me for distribution discount before ordering if you are representing a bookstore or chain of stores.

The imprint for my work is named Archer’s Aim Press with the logo here. A website will be constructed for the imprint and more detailed information in the near future. Once distribution with Ingram is completed, all print ISBNs will be registered with Archer’s Aim Press.

Have another question not shown here?

Please leave your question in the comments or contact me via email: (ph at phsolomon dot com)


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