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Books from The Bow of Hart Saga

Enter a world of magic, prophesies, and shapeshifting dragons with The Bow of Hart Saga – an award-winning, classic epic fantasy series. When a quest for the fabled Bow of Hart pits hero Athson against a dangerous shapeshifting dragon and a deadly wizard, he must navigate a world of danger and betrayal to save his land.

Meet Manny, an arch-mage and spy for the Gallantean Empire who can handle anything.
At least so it seems.
Aware of a hidden threat to the empire, Manny begins an investigation that leaves him cursed and out of a job.

Beyond a door a journey awaits or the inner world of a home strange or familiar lurks. Behind the doors in these stories, fantasy abounds in worlds undiscovered whether along a path unknown or a dwelling with secrets. These works of short fiction from P. H. Solomon carry you beyond such doors where curses threaten characters as much as dangerous creatures.


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