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Greetings fellow fantasy fans!

I am a lifelong fantasy geek who has traveled countless miles through the realms of fantasy reading. From the frosty winter nights where the crackling fireplace warmed both my limbs and imagination, to being the theater oddball cheering Gandalf’s epic battle with the balrog, my love for fantasy runs deep. You might say, “Geekytastic is in my DNA”. If you also revel in monumental fantasy moments and tread many a trail in late-night reading sessions, we are forged from the same fantasy anvil.

I draw inspiration from my own experiences and rich imagination to weave intricate epic adventures that combine everyday courage with extraordinary fantasy settings. My characters embark on quests and face thrilling challenges, uncovering their true essence in the process. These tales of self-discovery and personal triumph resonate deeply with readers who seek immersive and profound storytelling.

My background in anthropology shines through in my vivid and meticulously crafted fantasy settings. By infusing my novels with a touch of truth-seeking, I add layers of depth and authenticity to my stories. Whether my characters are tackling profound questions or matching wits with formidable villains, their journeys surpass the boundaries of their realms and leave readers enthralled with the journey to the end.

So, dear fantasy enthusiast, you’re invited to tread astonishing paths alongside me. Gather around the flickering firelight, share the magic of words, and stride on quests of wonder and dread. Together, let us take flight on the wings of adventure beyond imagination.

P. H. Solomon can be contacted at the following:

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email: ph at (to avoid spammers so put in the @ symbol)

Twitter: @ph_Solomon


Google+: P. H. Solomon

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Media Information

What I’m working on in general:

  • Imprint logo for Archer’s Aim Press. The website is under development.
  • Print:
    • I’m currently working on wider print distribution to bookstore (both indie and chain stories) as well as libraries. If you are with a store or library and need more information, please contact me using my contact page, or leave a comment.
  • Other media and formats:
    • I’m open to additional formats and media that usually require representation from an agent. Please go to the about page and contact me with a comment of the information provided if you are an agent trying to contact me. My interests in additional formats include:
      • Media adaptations of my work mainly into streaming formats.
      • Graphic novel adaptation
      • Possible video game adaptation
  • Merchandise: With a new merchandise store items are added on a regular basis. Please see my store link to view available merchandise and contact me with a comment if you want a bulk discounts.

What I’m Working on with The Bow of Hart Saga

This particular saga of the Denaria Cycle is completed, but I’m still working on new formats (further print distribution, screen adaptations, graphic novel adaption, and video game adaptation. Additionally, I’m developing a reader guide which will be offered for free download when it’s ready. More information is forthcoming on this little project.

Empire’s Deception Trilogy (parallel to The Bow of Hart Saga)

  • Face of the Goddess
    This book is in rough draft.
  • Monk’s Gambit
    This rough draft is almost finished.
  • Deception’s Veil
    This final book of this series is in planning stages

The intention of this series has now shifted to possible publication via Kindle Vella. More information will be available as development of this shorter series progresses.

This series is in planning stages and will follow the events of The Empire’s Deception Trilogy series. More information will be added as this series progresses. As a note, my intention is to prepare several books before release so readers can enjoy the series as it unfolds without waiting over years for new volumes. I’ll post planned titles here in the near future.

  • The Order of the Black Rose: This first book of the series has been released and is pending audio development
  • The Unseen Hand: Book two of this series is currently being revised for editing and is planned for release as soon as possible. As of 1/12/2022, the cover has been received and will be revealed soon. Announcements about publication date, early review opportunities, and merchandise for the new book are pending.
  • The Nine Jewel Heist is pending but the draft of the book will be revised as soon as possible.
  • Book four of this is pending a title but the outline has been started and the first draft will be underway around publication of books two and three.
  • The fifth book of The Cursed Mage Case Files: This title is pending.
  • Book six of The Cursed Mage Case Files: This title is pending.
  • Cover for the Magic Gadgets Reader Guide: The intention is to provide a growing, detailed reader guide with lots of information about the world that serves as the setting for the series as well as more about each book as they are released. Currently, there is a short reader guide available for email subscribers, mainly covering magic items in The Order of the Dark Rose. See the subscription form on the side menu to join and receive this guide. Text club subscribers can also receive this guide too. Also, see the Reader Guide page on this site for more information.
  • A Charm in the Hand: The first book is under revision to be sent to my editor during the spring of 2021 with possible release by Fall of 2021. Check back for more information as this project moves forward. The book follows the hard-hitting magical adventures of two brothers and their friend after their release from military service following a civil war. Their main goals are survival and a living on the edge of the law until they fall afoul of a curse that haunts their trail.

This book is largely finished and need some final revision and editing as well as a cover. The plan is for a release during 2022 since it is so far along.

  • The remaining books, 2-9, are loosely outlined and are waiting to be written. Titles and additional information will be available as this series is developed further.

  • All Things Forgotten is the first book of the series with a completed draft. It follows the adventures of a young hero who discovers a magical item that just might win him a much needed quest to start his career as an adventurer. Written as a Lit-RPG-ish series, it’s set in a fantasy world with it’s own set of game-like rules.
  • Meanwhile, books 2-at least 6 are being developed.
  • The Lost Princess – The rough draft of this book is largely finished and needs revision. As a result of scheduling, it may make to my editor later this year for publication during 2022.
  • Since this series is still under development, books 2-5 are loosely outlined but remained unwritten and untitled at this time.

Where do I find more about the books?

Published books currently include the titles in The Bow of Hart Saga and Volume 1 of The Cursed Mage Case Files, The Order of the Dark Rose. Click here to see the series page for The Bow of Hart Saga including print and audio formats. Click here for more about The Cursed Mage Case Files.

How can I be involved with Archer’s Aim and keep up with the writing latest developments?

There are several ways fans can be involved with my writing. You can join one of the following for updates:

  1. Marston’s Station – a private group on Goodreads (this link expires every 30 days so let me know in comments if it doesn’t work and I’ll update it).
  2. Archer’s Aim Digest – P. H. Solomon’s newsletter

Additionally, if you are interested in receiving early review copies or sharing new releases, please contact me directly via email (ph at phsolomon dot com) or in the comments section.

What other works are planned?

I have several additional books and series in various stages of production. Check out what I’m working on now for a full list of my current projects as well as my planned projects in the coming year or more.

If you want to see my very fluid publication schedule, please click on my News page which I update periodically as my work progresses or I drift off my plans too far.

Where can I find a press kit?

A short press kit, as well as a longer one, is available on request. If you are interested in this information for a review or interview, please contact me so you can use the most up-to-date information available (ph at phsolomon dot com). For faster information, please see the press section on this page.

Are you interested in various adaptations of your writing?

I am very interested in adaptations for screen/streaming, graphic novelization, and video gaming. If you have a proposal or want to represent me, please contact me directly for further discussion.

The Bow of Hart Saga (and its prequels) are available in audio already. I plan to make future titles available in audio either through a traditional publisher or a self-publishing audio service.

How can print and other merchandise be ordered for book stores and libraries?

Print is currently only available through Amazon in paperback and hardcover with the exception of The Bow of Destiny which is available through Ingram (distributor) or any store or library that orders through Ingram.

I am currently working on full print distribution of current books and those titles yet to be published through Ingram. A full sales catalog will be available once distribution work is completed.

Archer's Aim Press

Merchandise is currently online only through my Archer’s Aim Press Store, please contact me for distribution discount before ordering if you are representing a bookstore or chain of stores.

The imprint for my work is named Archer’s Aim Press with the logo here. A website will be constructed for the imprint and more detailed information in the near future. Once distribution with Ingram is completed, all print ISBNs will be registered with Archer’s Aim Press.

Have another question not shown here?

Please leave your question in the comments or contact me via email: (ph at phsolomon dot com)

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The site theme and page content has been updated, but there is more to do.

I continue to be on the mend and hope to resume all projects in earnest very soon. The timetables will be updated and depend on my how much I’m recovered over the next few months.