The Bow of Hart Saga Cycle Bundles

The Dragon Rising

Before the Bow of Hart, before the prophesied hero, Magdronu waited, scheming to rise and dominate. This epic sword and sorcery fantasy prequel reveals how a wizard gains his powers for vengeance, then threatens those opposing his chosen master. The Withling Order lies beneath the doom of the dragon’s wings. Will prophecy withstand betrayal?

Trading Knives – Prequel 1: Trading a knife costs a life.
Corgren, a skilled fighter, struggles to survive in a world of merciless prize fighting. Haunted by an old enemy and pursued by new ones, his choices narrow. When a stranger offers him power and revenge, Corgren is tempted. But demands for a cut of his winnings squeeze his independence, and a foe more skilled and cunning than him enters the ring. Will he accept the offer at the cost of himself?

What Is Needed – Prequel 2: Betrayal festers within the Withling Order.
Hastra, a gifted seer, is plagued by visions of destruction. The order lies under a deadly threat foreseen only by Hastra, and she must act to uncover the source of the danger. But time is running out, and she can trust but a few with her visions lest the betrayer discovers she knows. Will saving the order cost Hastra more than she can pay?

Prophecy is a knife in the dark, and betrayal is the deepest of wounds. The Dragon Rising is a duology of stories that plunge you into a world of sword and sorcery, where action is as sharp as a knife, and the stakes more dire. If you love fantasy with an edge, grab a piece of destiny mingled with blood.

The Bow of Hart Saga

Enter a world of magic, prophesies, and shapeshifting dragons with The Bow of Hart Saga – an award-winning, classic epic fantasy series. When a quest for the fabled Bow of Hart pits hero Athson against a dangerous shapeshifting dragon and a deadly wizard, he must navigate a world of danger and betrayal to save his land.

The dragon Magdronu stirs the world with his ambition of preeminence over his enemy Eloch. The dark dragon recruits servants like Corgren with promises of sorcerous power, then turns them against Eloch’s mystic followers, the Withling Order. The Withlings’ dying words prophesy a coming bow and one to wield it against Magdronu.

But as the dragon rises to preeminence and threatens to usurp kingdoms with deceit, will prophecy guide destiny toward the foretold end of Magdronu’s menace?

The dragon waits for centuries, poised with fire and claw to destroy both the bow and the promised hero. Rumor leads to destruction of a village and a boy found by elves: Athson. Prophecy propels him toward destiny and the waiting menace of Magdronu.

Along the way, Athson encounters unforgettable characters, including a surviving Withling Hastra who knows of the Bow of Hart.

Haunted by his past. Hunted in the present. Uncertain what is real. Destiny might kill Athson before he finds the bow.
Athson suffered hallucinations ever since he was orphaned, including a dog no one else sees. The will in his possession, bestowed in a dream, can’t be real. But the trolls now hunting him are. A destiny, both inconvenient and unavoidable, drags Athson into an unwanted quest that challenges all his assumptions.
Can he trust anyone?
Sworn to secrecy by his dead father about the bow, Athson wants nothing to do with it. A dragon and a wizard want the bow – and Athson dead. Running from the quest and his destiny are tempting options.
Then he finds something unexpected. Will his discovery destroy him before he recovers the bow?

Athson discovered the unexpected during the search for The Bow of Hart. Yet the prophesied weapon remains hidden.Mysteries discovered during the quest draw him deeper into the peril. The flames of vengeance surge in his thoughts with new revelations.
Can he escape the traps of his enemies?
The dragon’s reach endangers even Athson’s companions in unexpected ways. His enemy wants the bow but his mentor claims it must be used according to prophesy. With each turn of the search for the bow, long-hidden secrets surface and Athson must find the bow or risk losing those dear to him.
When the dragon gains leverage over him, Athson is torn between destiny and desire.
But Athson seeks his own path.
Will he falter like an arrow against the wind?

Bound to prophecy, his destiny balanced on an arrow’s tip.

With the Bow of Hart in hand, Athson is hunted by his enemies. His mistakes haunt him as much as his past.Magdronu plots to thwart the prophecy as his trolls attack Auguron City.

Hastra the Withling reveals Eloch will send an arrow for the bow. But when the arrow arrives, it is from an unexpected source and lands in unforeseen hands. Events twist like an arrow in flight…

Can Athson overcome his past and use the Bow of Hart as intended?

The archer and the bow await the coming arrow…