The Black Bag

The Black Bag

Doors of Fantasy – Book 1

Alone against magic. A powerless young woman bets her fate against three witches.

Coryss is the last one of her family alive. Alone against the dark magic of witches who killed her family, she’s determined to find justice for her loved one. As a young seamstress, she’s an unlikely hero, but her determination fuels her as she faces down her enemies.

But no one will help her.

Then she lays a bargain against the magic of her enemies.

How will she survive?

As desperation grows, Coryss finds an unlikely ally with a helping hand. Will Coryss win the bet, or face almost certain doom?



Readers Messages

“It is graphic in its presentation, with imagery that sets the scenes so vividly, making the story more intriguing.”

“It’s such a delightful short read with highly imaginative storytelling.”

“P.H. Solomon envelopes you in a world of witches where we wonder if the young girl can weave her way out of wicked trouble.”

“I was so drawn by the characterization of Coryss. She is feisty, impulsive, strong willed and yet couldn’t be more vulnerable. I was on the edge of my seat.

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The Black Bag
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