The Bow of Hart Saga FAQ

Cover art from The Bow of Destiny, Book 1 of The Bow of Hart Saga

Where can I find the books?

The Bow of Hart Saga books 1-3 are available exclusively at Amazon. If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, they are all free to read as part of your subscription. The prequel books, Trading Knives and What Is Needed, are available for free with subscription to the Archer’s Aim Digest newsletter or the Archer’s Aim Text Club.

Are these books digital or physical copies?

Books 1-3 in the series are available on Amazon in e-book, paperback (soon to be available to bookstores), hardcover, and audio (this format is non-exclusive and they are found at most audio retailers). See the Series page or the News Page for new availability announcements.

Is there a rating for sex and violence in these books?

The intended rating would be no more than PG-13 for any of these books, mainly for violence.

Should the books be read in order?

Yes, this is a series which progresses from the beginning of The Bow of Destiny through The White Arrow.

Is there a guarantee?

Most retailers have a return policy, please consult your favorite retailer for more details.

Is there a sale for any of the books?

Yes, Trading Knives is a prequel short story available to my newsletter or text club subscribers for free. Also, The Bow of Destiny is currently available at the discount price of 99 cents.

What is this series about?

The Bow of Hart Saga is an epic fantasy series with many elements of traditional fantasy books with some twists that don’t necessarily head toward the end in the usual manner. As an epic fantasy, The Bow of Hart Saga is set in an alternate world named Denaria and involves the use of magic, magical creatures, mystics, fantasy creatures and ethnicities, and weapons normal, magical, and mystical.

Are there more books coming?

Yes. I’ve taken a break from the world of Denaria to begin several new series set in different worlds. I’m currently working on another series but hope to begin work on the sequel series for The Bow of Hart Saga which will develop into a saga cycle as the plan has grown into a much larger project.

Where else can I find anything about The Bow of Hart Saga?

Audio and print are available. Print will soon be available for bookstores and libraries for purchase. Additionally, the Archer’s Aim Press Store was recently started which offers a growing selection of merchandise (like t-shirts) based on the cover artwork. If you don’t see merchandise you like, contact me because something is probably in the works.

How can I keep up with the progress of new books?

The best ways to keep up with the progress of new books by P. H. Solomon are:

Archer’s Aim Digest newsletter subscription,

Archer’s Aim Text Club subscription,

or joining Marston’s Station which is an exclusive Goodreads group for reading fans of P. H. Solomon (let me know if this one doesn’t work because it expires every 30 days).

Why didn’t The White Arrow win any awards?

The White Arrow was published the same year as An Arrow Against the Wind so Fantasia Reviews chose the first one to review and it was the only one of the two eligible for their Book of the Year. The White Arrow is the highest rated of the three books. It has not won awards because I choose not to enter award contests and I’m not quite well known enough to be nominated for larger awards like the Nebula (though I am a member of SFWA which runs this award). Incidentally, I’m not affiliated with Fantasia Reviews.