Soft Science Fiction or Science Fantasy

Definition Generally, when differentiating fantasy from science fiction, a very simple key is used: if it is pre-modern, it is fantasy, and if it is futuristic, it is science fiction. Thus a story set in ages before industrial revolution is automatically considered fantasy as long as it includes magic and supernatural. Likewise, a story set […]

Soft Science Fiction or Science Fantasy

Good genre overview with examples…

Launch Day! The Rise of Gadreel — The Writer Next Door | Vashti Q

Hi, everyone! Today is the ‘Launch Date‘ for my new book, The Rise of Gadreel! I was hoping the paperback would have gone live today too, but for some reason, Amazon still has it on review. I’m not surprised since everything this year has happened at its own pace. I’m told the paperback will be […] […]

Launch Day! The Rise of Gadreel — The Writer Next Door | Vashti Q

Congrats in the new release and best wishes for great reviews and sales.

This Week in Reading: In Like a Lion

Well, we’ve somehow made it to March! I can’t believe this year is going by so quickly. Now, I didn’t quite get all my reading done over the weekend and only managed to finish up one of the two books I had to complete. That being said, I did relisten to and this time finish […]

This Week in Reading: In Like a Lion

Interesting set of books…