Curses Dark and Foul

Curses Dark and Foul

Doors of Fantasy – Book 2

Grim words spoken. Foul intentions invoked. Curses never offer surrender.

Desperation grips a harmless man who stumbles into a truth that invites exile and worse.
A reluctant hero’s enemy forces him into a hopeless quest to kill a monster of magical origin.
A cursed man faces grim doom as a ravening beast without the hope of a good deed.

Bestselling and award-winning fantasy author, P. H. Solomon, presents three fantasy short reads mixing sword and sorcery, dark fantasy, and noble bright fantasy genres. Dire curses threaten each main character with an inescapable fate. Yet in the darkness, the glimmer of hope flickers. Will each hero choose to take a stand regardless of the chances of success?

The Gift of the Exile: An overheard conversation drives Melko to desperation. With a voice that won’t conform to magic law, dire consequences loom for him. He seizes a slim chance from ancient texts promising his healing, but the result brings a swifter penalty. Can he escape the punishment of a curse and exile?

Shadow of the Beast: Sa’hatap serves the Seddessan Empire faithfully as a foreign conscript, his people merged into the political scenery of merciless overlords. An enemy tasks the warrior and holy man with ending a curse upon the missing empress. Unwilling, yet with his people under threat of annihilation, Sa-hatap sets out to accomplish the impossible and kill an accursed beast that cannot be defeated. Will his sword and his faith save him?

For No Reason: Dax is haunted by the curse upon his village as the living emblem of the revenge of a witch. No one can kill him and his touch is death. But the curse will take Dax’s mind and transform him into a beast of retribution. His only hope is to help the village, but they hate him. How will he ever save himself, and them?



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