Maps of Denaria

Due to the age of my original, creating digital maps of Denaria was a challenge I’ve detailed in posts on my site. However, I was able to make them. Below are some of the important locales mentioned in The Bow of Hart Saga. I did not include maps used in The White Arrow since those are the same for the first two books. My apologies for never drawing a map of Auguron City (I should probably do at some point). If you are interested in how I created these, please click these links to my blog posts:

The Problems with Last Century Fantasy Cartography & Fantasy Mapping Re-Visited


Southern Rok and Hart (from Trading Knives)



From What Is Needed – The Gray Spires

From The Bow of Destiny: Western and Eastern Auguron


From An Arrow Against the Wind:

The Central Drelkhaz Mountains and Southern Troll Heaths

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