What Lies Beyond

What Lies Beyond

Doors of Fantasy – Book 3

The balance between dread and wonder is as thin as the veil of reality.

The trunk of an old man’s car possesses a secret a deputy must uncover.
Dark plots crawl with the shadows of everyone. One man knows the truth.
An unwanted journey to oblivion might hold more than this doomed man foresees.

Bestselling and award-winning fantasy author, P. H. Solomon, presents three fantasy short reads mixing sword and sorcery, dark fantasy, and noble bright fantasy genres. Dire curses threaten each main character with an inescapable fate. Yet in the darkness, the glimmer of hope flickers. Will each hero choose to take a stand regardless of the chances of success?

Arbo End: Between his car door and a mysterious trunk, a deputy is obsessed with finding the answer to a mystery. The truth of the matter may be stranger and more wonderful than he ever imagined.

A Shadow’s Chance: Shadows enter and exit through unseen doors. One man sees the twisted reality which drives him to oppose sinister plots of dark traps whispered from the mockery of shadows at his feet.

Endless Doors: Stepping beyond this world to the next is as simple as leaving a waiting room through the door of eternal fate. Saying goodbye to everything drags on the soul, but beyond multiple doors lies wonder unforeseen and adventure unimagined.



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