The Changeling Incident

The Changeling Incident

Cursed Mage Case Files – Prequel

Meet Manny, an arch-mage and a spy master with his hands full between his cheeky paramour, a mysterious smuggling ring, and an elusive source of political turmoil. Nothing an arch-mage can’t handle unless there’s a vague warning of unforeseen danger. Thwarting a smuggling operation is easy – until it’s not…

Manny’s job is simple, apprehend smugglers and confiscate their mysterious contraband. Plans are set, his team deployed, and the trap is poised for execution.

But intrigue swirls like magic as the planned raid nears. Who warned Manny of danger? Why did his team lead enter the warehouse too soon?

All is not as it appears for a simple raid. When unforeseen danger erupts, will Manny escape?

An arch-mage confronts intrigue with his wits, magical talent, and a vague warning of danger. This debut story spins a fresh take on epic fantasy in a gaslamp setting where “magical world-building and brilliant characters” weave the tale of a hero who battles sudden personal loss tangled with rising threats from a mysterious criminal mastermind.



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The Changeling Incident
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