The Man of Cloud 9

Fantasy Authors Unplugged: Adam Dreece

Today, I’m happy to host Adam Dreece who is releasing his latest science fiction novel, The Man of Cloud 9. I invite everyone to read his post and check out the blurb – it’s got quite a nice recommendation from, well, remember Odo from Deep Space Nine? I think everyone should be interested. Take it away, Adam…!


I’m one of those authors who loves hiding Easter Eggs in his works, particularly for my favorite shows and books. I also do cameos for fellow authors and close friends, every now and then, someone notices but not usually.

One of those fandoms of mine that I embed is Firefly, as I’m a big Nathan Fillion fan. I didn’t get to enjoy Firefly when it originally aired, only seeing it a few years later but being immediately drawn in. I love cross-genre stuff, and the Western Space Opera idea was a great example. With my series, The Yellow Hoods, I crossed Steampunk and Fairytale, with The Wizard Killer, I created a Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy setting, with a sci-fi twist on the use of magic.

On the surface, my new book, The Man of Cloud 9, looks like a straight forward science fiction tale set 70 years in the future. The world’s been ravaged by climate change, making society lose its appetite for innovation, and then we have Niko Rafaelo come along. Cut from the same cloth as many Silicon Valley types before him, Niko’s a driven genius who can’t let go of a particular idea. This is a story about his rise, his vision, and then his conscience and the consequences. It’s an intimate story, centered around a few people. It’s science fiction novel, with almost that short story intimacy.

When I needed place for Niko and his right hand, Sandra, to go when they left the office, I decided it would be a burger place, called Fillion’s. It’s located on Castle, and of course the owner’s name is Mal. Niko and Mal have one ‘on screen’ moment together, and as always, I try to keep my fandom below the radar, not wanting to steal the moment.

It’s one thing to give a nod to a favorite show, and it’s another to let it over power the moment. In addition to my love of Firefly (which has a definite nod in Book 4 of The Yellow Hoods), I pay homage to the Dragonlance Chronicles novels, which I loved as a kid.

The Man of Cloud 9’s got little in common with Firefly on the surface, but underneath, they’re both about the people. Just in the case of The Man of Cloud 9, there’s one who truly is the gravity of that people universe. Check it out today.

“Adam Dreece continues to surprise, enthrall, and sweep us, his avid readers, along – with his elegant prose and insightful story telling. If you, like I, enjoy the sci/fi fantasy genre, you can’t do better than THE MAN OF CLOUD 9.”

cover-moc9-v2_1575pxNiko Rafaelo is a brilliant and driven inventor, determined to flip the late 21st century on its head with a new take on a banned technology, nanobots. In a world that has been battered and bruised for decades by endless natural disasters, Niko’s ambitions are seen as reckless and wasteful. Following in the footsteps of his Silicon Valley heroes, Niko’s startup takes the planet by storm. But what happens when the corporate beast and Niko’s conscience conflict? And what is his ultimate goal?

“a truly unique voice and story”

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Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble. The paperback will be available on Amazon in the next week. However, signed hardcovers are available from Owl’s Nest books. You can catch up to Adam via these links:

Thanks for stopping by with the newly released book today, Adam. I know I’ve added this one and several others from your catalog to my TBR list!