Daughter of Cloak and Mask

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Title Of Book: Daughter of Cloak and Mask: Trilogy
By: Lauren MD
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Dark Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Myths & Legends


Magic was long forgotten, a myth of the past. Until it reawakened.

Trice, a young city thief, lives each day with one purpose; to survive.

When she’s caught stealing by the guard, her life takes a shocking and dangerous turn.

Unable to escape the punishment she is delivered, Trice’s only choice is to join the ranks of the guard and turn informant on her former guild. Her new role sees her old life, and morals, raging war against the new. Whilst navigating the dangers that lurk at every turn, something in her rouses. Something humans had long forgotten.

As her power grows, so do her senses. Recognizing that her only friend is taking bigger risks to win her affections, she can’t help but notice the guardsman sent to act as her handler is stealing more of her attention. But who can she be honest with when it comes to the magic she holds? With her feelings growing stronger, so does the conflict around her.

The desire to survive has never been greater, and it all lies on who she decides to trust, and whether she will follow her heart.

What People Are Saying:

4 Stars – “Mystery and intrigue in abundance. Interesting characters and a level of menace that kept the pages turning.”

5 Stars – “Found my newest author!”

4 Stars – “Fascinating!”

5 Stars – “The characters thus far appear to be well defined and the plot is unfolding at a good pace.”

5 Stars – “Can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

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Meet Lauren MD:

If you’re looking for an author who can transport you to epic worlds filled with action, adventure, betrayal, intrigue, mystery, and romance, then look no further than Lauren M.D.! Her detailed descriptions will make you feel like you’re right there in the middle of the story, characterized by fascinating worlds, complex characters, and fast-paced plots. Her epic fantasy books are filled with action, adventure, betrayal, intrigue, mystery, and romance. Lauren is a master of plot twists, so be prepared to be surprised at every turn. She loves exploring cultures and loves traveling, which means her books often explore different cultures, giving readers a taste of something new. When she’s not writing, she’s likely reading or planning her next adventure.

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