Death and the maiden

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Title Of Book: Death and the Maiden
Series: Curse of the Fathers
By: Daan Katz
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Dark Fantasy


Do you know what clinical depression looks like? Would you recognise it in a loved one? Or in a fictional character?

Don’t be too quick to say yes. Because depression – real clinical depression – has many different faces, and may not look like depression at all.

She was a grandmother. Now she’s young again. And she hates it.

Her last day at work ended in disaster, she missed her husband’s most important concert of the year, and if that wasn’t bad enough, now Alysia is stuck on a foreign world. A world where technology hasn’t evolved past the 19th century, and people still believe in magic.

Desperate to find her way back home, she ends up on a wild-goose chase to yet other worlds, where she discovers uncomfortable truths about herself and her past. Unable to cope with this new reality, Alysia loses herself in her efforts to help a young couple overcome a horrendous trauma.

Then people start dying and Alysia sees her hopes of ever making it back to Earth evaporate.

What People Are Saying:

5 Stars – “One of the best books I’ve read in a long time.”

5 Stars – “…incredibly satisfying, and left me with a lot of emotion.”

5 Stars – “I cannot tell you how much I truly enjoyed this book!”

5 Stars – “His world-building is so complex and yet not overdone with no heavy exposition.”

5 Stars – “Just be prepared! Katz takes you all over! Physical locations, emotional highs and lows, thoughtful insights.”

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Meet Daan Katz:

Born in 1963, as the second of three children, Daan grew up in The Hague, the Netherlands. From a very young age, Daan has been enchanted by stories, and it was only natural for him to start writing his own as soon as he realized that he could.

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The Truth is a weak thing. It has no power. The only power the Truth holds is the power we grant it.

The Book

WAHRHEIT is a huge, sprawling epic fantasy that features political intrigue, assassinations, mystery, adventure, battles, a little bit of fun, and yes, even dragons. It’s my take on those incredible stories that captured my imagination and took me on a ride I’d never forget. It’s packed full of colorful characters that fans love, faced with incredible adversity that they fight to overcome, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. I hope this series goes down as one you remember forever.

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But the line has ended—the king is dead.

Noble houses vie to carve out their own domains. Foreign armies march across Wahrheit’s soil for the first time in memory. Without leadership, the king’s army watches helplessly. The fae, a source of enchantment and treachery, work unseen to secure their share of Wahrheit’s blood. And far beyond the kingdom’s borders, a growing threat looms—an empire built to right a bitter wrong.

Only a small band of conspirators stand between the kingdom and chaos: Otto Tilly, captain of the king’s Dragon Knights, the steel fist that shields the weak. Gerhard Fisher, a spy and assassin, who owes more than his life to the former king. Ilse Brinke, the quartermaster, the keeper of the kingdom’s secrets and magic. The wizard, an ancient soul who understands the cost of failure. And by fortune’s curse or fortune’s favor, two orphans from the growing war must carry the kingdom forward. As has always been, the burden of the future lies across the shoulders of the young.

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