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Title Of Book: Humanborn
Series: Shadows of Eireland Book 1
By: Joanna Maciejewska
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Fantasy, Contemporary Fantasy, Urban


In the war, the mythborn killed her friends, but now humanborn Kaja needs to work with them to uncover a conspiracy or Dublin’s streets will run red with blood once more.

Less than a decade ago, the Magiclysm, a tear between Earth and another place, brought magic to Ireland—and worse, it brought back the mythborn. The war that followed left Dublin scarred, and cursed Kaja Modrzewska with chaotic magic that will eventually claim her life.

Struggling with wartime nightmares, Kaja seeks normalcy amongst the volatile peace working as an information broker when a series of explosions across Dublin threatens to reignite the war. Both sides are eager to blame the other, so Kaja reluctantly agrees to investigate.

But finding the terrorists responsible means working alongside the mythborn’s elite killers, and uncomfortable wartime secrets coming to light. Kaja, who had saved a mythborn’s life during the war, finds out she has a life debt of her own, and as she juggles her allegiances and obligations, she’ll have to decide where her loyalties lie, with her old human allies or the mythborn.


Most of the Trinitians in the yard tried not to stare, but Orla openly glared at the tall sleek figure who stood on the patch of grass too green to have been there an hour earlier. I almost expected flowers to bloom around and an entourage of butterflies to surround the mythborn female when she turned toward us, but Eithne ni’Crann knew better than to tease her guards with too much magic and give Orla an excuse to shoot.
“Albert, mo chara, I appreciate you coming down to meet me.” Her voice jingled like silver bracelets while she fixed the two emerald pool like eyes on the man by my side. “I’d hate to disrupt this place’s energy with my presence.”
Albert offered a courteous bow, and I offered my restraint from grimacing. As if she didn’t already bring disruption. Every moment she stood on the Trinity’s grounds meant the magic seeped through the protection the college inhabitants had built over the years.
“And Kaja, I’m glad to see you in good health.” Eithne skimmed past my face.
Was there a stab hidden amongst her words? I exchanged a quick glance with Orla over the mythborn’s shoulder, and for once, Orla and I shared the same feeling. We both wished for the Court bitch to try something, to try anything we could deem an assault. Between Orla’s bow and my arsenal of charms and curses, Eithne’s smug expression would be the last one she ever wore.
“As much as I appreciate you taking time to visit us, Lady Eithne, I’d rather get straight to business,” Albert said while he shot Orla a warning glance. If I wasn’t standing to the side, I’d have gotten the same treatment. “What brings the Court’s messenger to Trinity?”
Oh, how the mythborn cringed at the title Albert used to belittle her. If there was anything I loved more than his accent, it was his ability to deliver diplomatic insults. Of course, I preferred the non-diplomatic ones myself, but it felt good to know peace didn’t make Albert soft.
“I came to discuss the recent disturbing event. My brethren worry this provocation might affect the unstable peace between our people.”
No doubt she was talking about the explosion. It seemed the news traveled fast on both sides of the river.
“Provocation, Lady Eithne?” Albert’s voice was no less chilling. “I expected the MPF to claim responsibility for the attack.”
Eithne moved with the grace of a leaf in the summer breeze, and her face expressed a well-staged hurt. “Mythborn Protection Forces had nothing to do with the explosion. I can assure you they wouldn’t dare go against the Court’s orders.” She looked Albert in the eye. “We both know that many humanborn would be interested in putting the blame on the mythborn to limit our rights even more.”
Albert tensed, and the muscles on his face twitched as he gritted his teeth. “Or you’re here to deceive us, Lady Eithne. It wouldn’t be the Court’s first attempt.”
Eithne’s lips curled down into a perfect horseshoe of disapproval. “We’re not at war anymore, mo chara. Even if some of your officers wish to believe otherwise.” She glanced over her shoulder toward Orla as if reading Albert’s officer’s thoughts.
The Irish bow mistress reciprocated with a sneer and readjusted her quiver in an obvious tell.
I might have had my issues with Orla, and all in all I was for peaceful coexistence instead of mutual extermination, but I sure appreciated her unyielding approach to the sneaky backstabbers from the Court.
“My officers don’t go around blowing up mythborn establishments,” Albert replied. “I’ll need something more than your word as proof MPF had nothing to do with the attack.”
Her emerald eyes flashed as if catching a forgotten ray of sun when Eithne turned to me. “Let Kaja gather information then, and I’ll pay half of her fee. How’s that?”
The nerve of her! Did she really think she could use me like that? And that I’d do her a favor? If she wanted to prove the innocence of her brethren, she could do the work herself.
“I’m afraid I’m already overbooked when it comes to assignments.” I didn’t even bother with pretending I regretted refusing her offer.
Eithne sent me a royal smile, the one a gracious queen bestows upon her subjects, and the perfect arch of her eyebrow lifted ever so slightly, but before she replied, one of Albert’s men approached him.
“Excuse me for a moment.” Albert bowed and stepped to the side, gesturing Orla to join him.
While they listened to the lieutenant’s hushed report, Eithne leaned closer. The scent of fir and something else sneaked up my nostrils.
“Have you tasted bark on your tongue yet?” Her whisper dripped poison. “When your saliva turns brown, it’s going to be too late to do anything. I won’t be able to help you.”
And then, she moved away with the grace of grass bending serenely in the wind. As if she was never close. As if she had never slipped the treacherous words into my ears.
“You smell good,” she murmured not looking at me anymore. “Like my childhood.”
Eithne’s words grated against my composure like claws across rock, and she stood unmoved, a mythborn statue.
Albert returned, and Orla resumed her spot behind Eithne’s back. The Irish woman’s hand brushed her enhanced bow’s grip with hope, and Eithne’s lip quivered in amusement as if she knew what went through the other woman’s head.

What People Are Saying:

5 Stars – “The pacing was fantastic, everything keeps moving while never feeling too fast.”

5 Stars – “It was such a whirlwind of excitement and intriguing.”

5 Stars – “Not only was it a book that I devoured but the world stuck with me and I found myself thinking about this book weeks after I finished.”

5 Stars – “Kaja’s Character is strong and the plot is thick with intrigue.”

5 Stars – “Fast-paced and enjoyable, this was a fun read and I can’t wait to read more in this series.”

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Meet Joanna Maciejewska:

Joanna might be a bit too cautious to do anything even remotely daring or dangerous herself, so she writes about daring adventures and dangerous magic instead. Yet, she found enough courage to abandon her life in Poland and move to Ireland, and then some years later, she abandoned her life in Ireland to move over to the US. She’s determined to settle there, once she finally chooses which state to reside in. When she’s not writing or thinking about writing, she plays video games or makes amateur art. She lives the happy life of a recluse, surrounded by her husband, a stuffed red monkey, and a small collection of books she insisted on hauling across two continents.

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