Paul Tallman

Read Rogue Destiny by Paul Tallman @PaulTallman11 #Fantasy #Steampunk #SciFi

Read Rogue Destiny by Paul Tallman @PaulTallman11 #Fantasy #Steampunk #SciFi

Title Of Book: Rogue Destiny
By: Paul Tallman
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Humorous, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Metaphysical


Ren never wanted to be the hero of the story. Now he has no choice.

Ren B’gatti is a creature of chaos. A trickster by nature, and a shape-shifter by trade. He is content playing sidekick to the charismatic Claymore Ives. Both are top field agents for the Raconteurs, the self-appointed guardians of the city of Rogue Destiny as well as the vast, untamed literary universe.

Claymore is the archetypical hero, honorable and trustworthy, while Ren lives for the violence and mayhem that follows the Raconteurs everywhere they go. It’s a partnership that works well for both of them, until a routine mission goes horribly wrong, and they stand accused of world genocide.

With Claymore imprisoned and the city hunting Ren, the trickster did what he always did, he ran.

Now Rogue Destiny’s most dangerous crime lord, Mordecai Davos, emerges from the shadows to search for a lost artifact that will restore magic to Rogue Destiny, and the Raconteurs’ only hope lies in an arrogant trickster.

Ren is dragged into the conflict and with the Raconteurs pursue Mordecai and his band of outlaws through the labyrinth of mystical rabbit-holes that connect all literary worlds to find the artifact before it can be used against the fabled city.

No longer able to pretend he’s just a sidekick, Ren must choose between who he is and who he wants to be.

Rogue Destiny has been without magic for a thousand years.

That is all about to change.

What People Are Saying:

5 Stars – “I couldn’t put it down! What a fantastical universe the author has created.”

5 Stars – “Such a creative and well executed book. Recommend checking out this author and book.”

5 Stars – “This book is a fantastic first! Highly recommended.”

5 Stars – “This novel is overflowing with adventures and extremely unique themes and structures that I’ve never experienced before.”

5 Stars – “An ingenious storytelling of unlimited bounds.”

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Meet Paul Tallman:

Paul Tallman is the author of the pulp fantasy series, Rogue Destiny, City of a Thousand Moons.

He lives in the rainy, wonderful Pacific Northwest.

Paul has always been a fan of fantasy and sci-fi stories going back to early childhood. An avid reader, he loves all things geek including fantasy/sci-fi movies, anime, books, TV shows and stills mourns the cancellation of the original Firefly.

Visit to join his newsletter and updates on his next book and get more information on the ever-expanding Rogue Destiny universe.

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