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Title Of Book: Wanted (The Border Wars Book 1)
By: Matthew Hall
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Fantasy, Swords & Sorcery, Coming of Age


Orphaned and on the run, Adrian Rizzo, “Rizz,” and friends must traverse the war-torn north, dodging Bermanian slavers, and outwitting the local lords while seeking safe passage south.

Orphaned in the first battles of The Border Wars, Adrian Rizzo “Rizz” and his companions must make their way south amidst a web of Bermanian spies and slavers. When little brother Gian’s asthma medicine runs dangerously low, they are unwittingly forced into the path of Bermania’s next conquest, Fenric Castle. In a series of mishaps that end with Maria and Gian being kidnapped by Bermanians masquerading as brigands, Adrian and Luca find themselves at odds with the local authorities. They must rely on their own skill and wit if they are to survive. Will they rescue Maria and Gian? If so, at what cost to their personal freedom?

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What People are Saying:

5 Stars –  “Writing style is intriguing.”

5 Stars –  “Was difficult to stop reading once started as you felt yourself inside the events happening along with the characters.”

5 Stars –  “A great creative page-turner.”

5 Stars –  “There is an action sequence that had me on the edge of my seat and this made me curious for what future action sequences might look like.”

5 Stars –  “The book drives curiosity to know more about the characters, getting you glued to the pages.”


Meet Matthew Hall:

Matthew Hall is a Fantasy and Adventure author of varied experiences that have included everything from designing electrical circuits to saving lives. His life long addiction to reading and writing fantasy fiction began in the 7th grade when he read “The Hobbit” for the first time.


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