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An interesting book to invetigate!

sunset mantleSunset Mantle by Alter S. Reiss 

Genre: Fantasy

Series: Stand Alone

Publisher: (September 15, 2015)

Length: 192 pages

My Rating: 4 stars

Another of’s impressive novellas, Sunset Mantle by Alter S. Reiss is a complex, beautifully written tale of an outcast warrior who finds a home and companion in a city doomed to destruction.  The political machinations, personal relationships, battle scenes, and concise world building infused in this narrative combining together to create a tale epic in scope yet with a feeling of intense intimacy; all done in less than two hundred pages.

Cete is a disgraced warrior, cast out from his homeland for following his conscious.  Wandering into Reach Antach (A new colony still bound to its founding city by ties of blood and trade.), his intention is to do his business then leave due to his unerring feeling that the Reach is doomed.  However, a beautiful…

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Fantasia Reviews Trial By Fire

Here’s an interesting review for an Arthurian fantasy that I will put on my TBR list today!

Fantasia Reviews

Trial By Fire by Evan Tarver

Ages 12+

Published 12/8/2016

“There’s a prophecy on ancient Earth that says the heavens will destroy the world and purge the planet, forcing a reluctant savior to help humanity start anew. Brekken, the most advanced city-state known to man, is believed by its citizens too powerful to be destroyed by such fairy tales. Its people ignore the ancient warnings and rule over primitive humans, enjoying a gilded age of reason and prosperity.

However, not everything is as it seems. Usifi, son of Salem and heir to the King’s High Council, soon makes a discovery that will change the course of human history.

An unknown terror in the sky threatens to prove the prophecy true. The King responds by launching a plan to save a small group of citizens so the human race can survive the coming disaster. But Callen, the King’s evil advisor, sees…

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Cover Reveal: A Desolate Hour by Mae Clair #RRBC Author

Congrats to Mae on the cover reveal. I’m looking forward to the book release!

From the Pen of Mae Clair

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m kicking off the week by doing a cover reveal for A Desolate Hour, the third and final book in my Point Pleasant mystery/suspense series focused on the Mothman of urban legend.

Book cover for A Desolate Hour by Mae Clair shows a small town overlooking a river at night, full moon overhead, cover in wash of green red and black with white lettering

Book 3 in the Point Pleasant Series
Length: 79,000 Words
Publisher: Kensington Publishing/Lyrical Underground Imprint
Publication Date: July 18, 2017


Sins of the past could destroy all of their futures . . .

For generations, Quentin Marsh’s family has seen its share of tragedy, though he remains skeptical that their misfortunes are tied to a centuries-old curse. But to placate his pregnant sister, Quentin makes the pilgrimage to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, hoping to learn more about the brutal murder of a Shawnee chief in the 1700s. Did one of the Marsh ancestors have a hand in killing Chief Cornstalk—the man who cursed the town with his dying breath?


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