Starting out as an indie author: Where to promote a 99c eBook sale

Authors looking for book promotion can take a look at this. I like this list since it’s posted by a fellow fantasy author. There are some good free sites listed so have a look!

Ruth Nestvold - Indie Adventures

Starting out as an indie author

Here are some of the sites I’ve found that will promote 99c sale ebooks. Most of them are ones I use myself. I’ve left out a number of sites that have no information on followers or subscribers, as well as those that tend to get bad marks from the indie writers on KBoards. Even so, that’s no guarantee that all of these sites will be effective. I suspect a lot has to do with genre, since sites that work for me get panned by other writers, while sites other writers swear by have been a washout for me. So remember, YMMV.


Books on the Knob

Bargain Booksy (Free and paid)


Read Free.ly

Addicted to eBooks
– Not specifically a sale site. Here, you need to list your book’s regular price, but the listing is free.

Booklover’s Heaven
– For sale books priced at 3.99 or below. Requires 10…

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#amwriting: making your fan page useful

Good ideas on handling Facebook page growth!

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

My Writing LifeIn 2011, when I first began this crazy journey, I was advised to create a professional Facebook page. Whether you are an Indie or are traditionally published you will be responsible for putting your own social media into place, as in this world, no one will do it for you. You don’t get a personal assistant and a publicist when you get that first book deal, so you may as well get on with doing these things yourself.

For my blog post on how to make a professional Facebook fan page, click here: Building the BrandToday we will talk about making it work better for you, with only a small amount of effort on your part.

While I had to sever my relationship with my first publisher, that was the first of two important, things he told me. (The second was to blog regularly—which also was good…

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