I liked WoT and thought that Sanderson did a good job finishing off the series for Jordan. Mithgar was enjoyable and did progress to some good fantasy even though it was a Tolkien knock-off. I liked, an enjoyed to varying degrees, the Shannara books. I really liked Voyage of the Jerle Shannara but Brooks has been hit or miss for me since then. Reblogging on Archer’s Aim…


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Books That Have Been On My Shelf Since Before I Started Blogging That I STILL Haven’t Read Yet

We all have them.  The books we buy (or receive as gifts) which we never read.  Maybe, we have them because they are by an author we have enjoyed before.  Perhaps, these novels are from a series we’ve been following closely.  But, for whatever reason, these books are put up on a shelf (physical or virtual) then stay there, never looked at again.  For years.  In my case, decades.  It is a sad truth of life that there is never enough time to read all the great books out there, but even I didn’t realize how horrible my…

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Editing Tip #132 – The Dreaded Synopsis

Authors, need to write a synopsis? Here’s a simple, direct way to boil your book down to it’s basic points. Reblogged on Archer’s Aim.

While it’s nice to think that once you’ve written and edited your magnus-opus, your editing work is done … think again.

Time to Write Your Synopsis

If an agent or publisher doesn’t get a “taste” for your writing in the query letter (which calls for a paragraph summary of your entire book and often a 1-pager to attach) or “hooked” on your story, then you’ve lost a great opportunity to have them ask for your coveted manuscript.

Now, I must be upfront with you about this: I am NOT a master of editing Synopses.

In fact, I still struggle with writing my own but I have a good perspective for books I’ve edited for my clients. I can see when they’re adding too much back story, if their hook actually grabs readers, and if they’ve left out anything important (because they don’t want to spoil the story – trust…

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