The Bow of Hart Saga Print Plans



I had hoped to announce when I would start releasing The Bow of Hart Saga into print within a few weeks. However, as I’m now delaying the print releases until later in 2018. I’ll announce my plans after the first of the year.

Otherwise, I’ll keep plugging away at all my other projects in the meantime and share my progress. Regarding my novels for submission to publishers, I’ve made significant progress in word counts. I’m also about to submit short stories to a variety of markets and begin work on my pulp fantasy fiction series. I have plenty to work on while I plan all the working pieces for print.

The e-books for The Bow of Hart Saga remain on-sale and are doing very well and I’m very thankful for all the readers who are enjoying the series. I’m making some updates to the website in support of the ebooks. For those who have enjoyed the series, please tell your reading friends about it – perhaps they might like it as well.

Thanks and I’ll reply to comments as soon as I can.


Of course you can have more Macabre Macaroni

An interesting short fiction from C. S. Boyack this week! Have a look…

Entertaining Stories

Lisa BurtonHi gang, welcome back for another helping of Macabre Macaroni. This week we’re trying to garner a bit of sympathy for the monster.

Maybe the determination of a monster is just your point of view. Some of us are different, and that freaks people out. It isn’t what appears on the outside as much as the inside.

I’m not saying there aren’t monsters out there, but you might have to dig under the surface to identify them. Maybe it isn’t about the way you look as much as how you think or act.

Today’s story is called Monster Spotting. How many can you find?

Monster Spotting

Cori Vincent fought back the shadows and fog. Her entire body hurt. Not the sharp biting pain of something recent, but the throbbing ache of something long term. Before she blacked back out she overheard a few words.

“Day two-hundred forty-three. Stem cells and…

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