Spark on a Road Trip!

The inspiration for Spark the dog in my Bow of Hart Saga comes from my two German Shepherds. Can’t wait for you all to read the third book when it’s ready. If you haven’t read the first two go check them out!
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Harvesting the Crop of your Writing

Harmony Kent shares her steps to successfully harvesting your writing over at Story Empire today. Enjoy!

Story Empire

Hello SEers! Welcome to another Monday Blog. Today, I thought I’d write about how to harvest the crop of your writing, and to that end, I am re-using the fertile soil of an old article I wrote for an online writing mag that has now, sadly, closed its doors. I make no apologies for my … ahem … artwork 🙂

To write a book is to become intimate with change. And, if we do it right, we’ll have something to harvest at the end of the process. As with any process, while each individual step is important, timing is everything. We need to know when to interfere, and when to leave well alone. Whether the problem be over-watering, or under, the end result will be the same: The seed of imagination will never make it to a full grown, published and successful book.

So, how do we best harvest the…

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