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Every wonder what’s in the secret sauce of writing, or how to improve on it? C. S. Boyack points the way today on Story Empire.

Story Empire

Hi gang, Craig here today. We rotate our Friday assignments, and today it’s my turn to share a book with all of you. So far, we’ve shared various novels that we’ve enjoyed, but that streak ends today.

Story Empire is all about helping other authors, and sharing what we know. One of us doesn’t know as much as all of us – that kind of thinking. This means that today I’m sharing a craft book with you guys.

Screenwriting Tips for Authors is not as widely known as some of the other texts out there, but it meant a lot to me. I found it after I’d written several trunk novels, and the timing was perfect. I still use some of the lessons I learned here to this day.

This is where I picked up storyboarding as being preferable to outlining. The author spends quite a bit of time showing…

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Bill Hope, on #LisaBurtonRadio

An interesting take highlighted on Lisa Burton Radio today.

Entertaining Stories

Lisa Burton

Hey there, all you sleight of hand experts, pickpockets, and Artful Dodgers of every kind. You’ve landed on Lisa Burton Radio, the only show that brings you interviews with the characters you love. I’m your host, Lisa the robot girl, and my special guest today is Bill Hope.”Welcome to the show, Bill.”

“How do, Miss Lisa. Glad to be here.”

“My bio says you’ve lived a pretty colorful life. There is a certain romance to being a thief. What is your preferred method of operation?”

“I work the streets and any place where the moneyed gents gather – theater lobbies, shops, horsecars, crowds watching parades and arguments and fights. The easiest hits are country bumpkins in wide-brimmed hats that walk around real wide-eyed staring at the crowds and sandwichmen and traffic with their coat open wide showing a shirtfront with a peach of a spark so when a mob of…

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Flash Fiction: Resolution

How to write The End for your flash fiction by Harmony Kent on Story Empire.

Story Empire

Hello SErs! Harmony here. I hope this finds you all well. This is the fourth and final week of our writing flash fiction series of posts. I hope you’ve enjoyed them so far. In case you’ve missed the first three posts, here they are:

This week, we look at resolution and how to write your story ending. Now, if you’ve been following along by writing a short story beginning and middle, here is where you might want to shoot me, lol. Here goes …

Before you can write your ending, you need to have a key–something upon which your twist ending can pivot. That key needs writing early in the story, somewhere in the escalation phase. So, why, you might ask, have I not mentioned this until now? For the simple reason that we often don’t know the ending until…

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