Friday Book Share: The Bone Curse

The Friday Book Share on Story Empire fell to Staci Troilo this week who chose The Bone Curse.

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Ciao, SEers. Staci here with the Friday Book Share post.

The Bone Curse by Carrie RubinI’ve recently read Carrie Rubin’s The Bone Curse. I saw a promo for it on another site and it sounded like something I’d really enjoy, so I snatched it up.

First, I’d like to talk about the cover. I love the muted color palate. The bones at the bottom really pop, and the skull in the smoke is, to me, even creepier than the remains at the bottom. I’m especially drawn to the expanded spaces between the letters in the title and the author’s name.

The book comes with a lot of endorsements (Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly, Foreward Reviews, and some bestselling authors). If you value and/or rely on such recommendations, this book has many of them.

The description on the back promises a medical mystery, an ancient curse, and Vodou rituals. I was interested at the words…

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Problems naming things

I roll off names all the time. I don’t know why, but I do. See what Craig Boyack has to say about character names on today’s Story Empire post.

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Hi Gang, Craig here today with a little confession to make. I hate naming things. This can be almost any form, I’m just not comfortable with names. This can be countries, planets, characters, ships, whatever.

Sometimes I feel like I did okay. I think the name, Lisa Burton, suits my robotic personal assistant and spokesmodel.

I’m pretty content with the name of the pirate ship in my current project. Lanternfish has a fair ring to it, and it’s kind of a vicious creature too.

Others, I hide in the corner and hope the names are acceptable to my reading audience. In fact, the main character in The Yak Guy Project has no name at all. Hey, it worked for Clint Eastwood movies.

My character, Clovis, from The Playground, never got a last name. It didn’t stop him from being a pretty popular character with my readers.

I’ve picked up a…

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Five For Friday – Songs That Inspired My Writing

Joan Hall shares songs that inspire her writing on Story Empire. What songs inspire creativity in you?

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Hi SE Readers! It’s the first Friday of the month and that means it’s time for another Five for Friday. Last month, P. H. shared five Science Fiction/Fantasy books he would like to see made into movies. Since I love music, I decided to share five songs that have inspired my writing.

I won’t quote song lyrics because of the legalities, but if you’re familiar with the songs, you’ll get the idea. If you’re interested in watching You Tube videos of the songs, just click on the titles.

Rocky Mountain High by John Denver – I’ve enjoyed John’s music since way back when and Rocky Mountain High is one of my favorites. A few years ago, I wrote a series on my blog about a young man named David who returned to his hometown. He discovers new things about the place he grew up and finds that there are benefits…

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