Month: July 2017

Drip Campaigns

I’ve been giving this a try too, Thanks to Staci Troilo for sharing the information in today’s Story Empire post!

Story Empire

Drip CampaignCiao, SEers. If you follow us on any social media channel (other than this blog itself), you’ve likely seen posts with light blue graphic text bubbles offering quotes from our posts. These social media posts are what are known as drip campaigns.

Drip campaigns are so named because they “drip” content into your platform over the course of a finite amount of time. In our case, our drip campaigns are scheduled to be thirteen posts over the course of one year.

Marketers use drip campaigns because, and I’m sure you already know this, repetition is a key component to catching a person’s attention. That’s how we teach children their ABCs or multiplication tables. We repeat the same information over and over until our audience retains it.

The same technique works on adults. Unless someone is blessed with an eidetic memory, it’s unlikely he or she will remember something the first…

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The latest blog review of An Arrow Against the Wind…

an arrow against the windAn Arrow Against the Wind by P.H. Solomon

Genre: Fantasy

Series: The Bow of Hart #2 

Publisher: Self Published (March 29, 2017)

Author Info: Website | Twitter

Length: 350 pages approximately

My Rating: 3 stars

More action-packed and far grimmer than its predecessor, An Arrow Against the Wind is a wonderful follow-up to The Bow of Destiny. P.H. Solomon showing real growth as a writer, using his more refined skills to evolve this series into a compelling fantasy saga, one where action may be the focus but the characters are not neglected.

The quest to find the Bow of Hart continues! Arrow beginning where book one ended: Athson, Ralda the giant, and Makwi the dwarf missing after a magical fight goes bad, bringing down the cave roof of Chokkra upon their heads. Their companions (Hastra the Withling, Limbreth the ax-maid, Gweld the elf, and Tordug the dwarf) unsure…

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