Road Trip Writing & Observations

We went on a little road trip to meet family and exchange Christmas presents since we missed Christmas due to illness. I was fortunate that my wife drove and afforded me some time to write during the drive. I got a lot done on my current WIP that remains under wraps.

Along the way I noted who bumpy the road was at times as I kept hitting the keys out of order and getting some interesting spellings. But I managed to get some coherent words strung together so it worked out.

At one point, we passed to 18-wheelers in the middle lane. For some reason, this maneuver always reminds me of close escapes by the pilots of the Millennium Falcon from the various versions of the Death Star. Call me crazy but it just makes me want to celebrate and hand out high fives.

The meal we ate was pleasant as was the conversation and we made the trip up a few hours away and back without trouble. It was a good day for driving. I’m glad I got in the writing and happy to make some good progress.

One more thing, I hope to share some good news later this week. I’m just waiting on the details if possible so stay tuned for that. With that, I’m out and hitting the sack for some shut-eye.


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