Month: August 2018

Friday Group Post: Questing Beasts

What’s a writing questing beast? Find out on Story Empire today.

Story Empire

Hi, Gang. Craig here, at least first. This is one of those months with an extra Friday, and that means a group post. I thought it would be fun for the six of us to talk about our Questing Beast.

What does that mean in author terms? We all try different things as writers, and I’m probably the worst. I’ve messed around with all the various tenses, different story lengths, and even different speculative fiction genres. I think it makes me a better writer. The Questing Beast is that one thing you always wanted to try, but haven’t yet.

There is one I’ve never written to a degree that really excites me. My Questing Beast is epistolary style. This is a story that’s revealed in large part from old documents, photographs, and items. Think about someone liquidating their father’s estate, and reading old papers, maybe love letters, etc. These are…

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The Bow of Hart Saga Audio & Print News

There’s great news about the releases that literally just hit my inbox today. Podium Publishing has opted to publish individual editions of each book in the series rather than a single bundled edition of the entire series. This means that The Bow of Destiny will appear in audio beginning on 9/25 with pre-orders available soon. An Arrow Against the Wind will be released in audio in October with the exact date pending. The White Arrow will arrive in audio during November and that date is also pending.

Links and artwork will be forthcoming as soon as I have them so check back often for the latest information.

Since those audio editions will be released over three months, I’ve decided to schedule print release of the books beginning in December. I’ll share more details about print in an upcoming post but I’ll be focused on audio for several months.